Jackie Kennedy's Half-brother James Auchincloss Jailed Again on Child Pornography Probation Violation

Jackie Kennedy's Half-brother James Auchincloss Jailed Again on Child Pornography Probation Violation

"Sometimes family business should remain just that. Jackie air-brushed half brother Jamie Auchincloss out of her life after he revealed the whereabouts of her wedding dress (to JFK) and blood-stained Dallas suit. He spilled the beans when speaking to Kitty Kelley for her 1979 best-selling biography, Jackie Oh! 'Kitty's fame was my infamy,' says Auchincloss."

     That is what authors Shelly Branch and Sue Callaway had to say about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis cutting her brother James "Jamie" Auchincloss out of her life. Though the famous Jackie-O is dead now, she died in May 1994, her brother's infamy is still working its course.
     "Ashland resident James Auchincloss will remain in Jackson County Jail
without bail after again allegedly violating his probation for his
August conviction on child pornography charges"
, says The Ashland Daily Tidings on March 10th. They go on to say that this "is the second time Auchincloss has been back in jail since Jackson
County Circuit Court Judge Mark Schiveley sentenced him on Aug. 18 to 30
days for two felony counts of first-degree encouraging child sexual
But Auchincloss is believed to have violated the terms of his supervision yet again. The ADT goes on to say that "as part of his negotiated plea agreement with
Jackson County prosecutors, Auchincloss acknowledged possessing and
distributing photographs of prepubescent children, images prosecutors
described as lewd and lascivious in nature.

ordered Auchincloss to serve three years' probation, during which he
must stay away from children and undergo sex-offender treatment. He must
also be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life."
He should stay in jail until his April 1st hearing. 


     Auchincloss' attorney Carl Caplan claims that Auchincloss, age 63, is not a threat to anyone, despite his many times in court for charges of child pornography. the ADT cites Auchincloss' protestations as a joke, citing that "Auchincloss apparently failed to report all of
his behavior to his sex offender treatment group and disclosed that he
had been negligent just before a scheduled polygraph test."
Program manager of the sex offender unit for Jackson County Community Justice Nate Gaoiran says that "the arrest and jail lodging are standard protocol for a suspected probation violation."

     Not much is know about Jamie Auchincloss' early life, but the Huffington Post reports that he "was just 6 years old when he carried the wedding train
of his half-sister Jackie up the aisle as she married John F. Kennedy
in 1953."


     But while Auchincloss has not divulged much of his personal life, he has spilled many of Jackie Kennedy's many secrets to the press, including the infamous Kitty Kelley in her 1979 unauthorized biography called Jackie-Oh!, including the fact that Jackie's mother, Janet Auchincloss, despised Aristotle Onassis, who married Jackie in 1968, saying that Janet "almost died" when Jackie told her she was marrying Onassis. Auchincloss went on to say that Janet "was absolutely fit to be tied. She couldn't believe it. When Onassis arrived [to meet Janet], she treated him very badly." Auchincloss said that Janet, apparently said, when confronted with the news of their impending marriage, "God, no. Jackie, you can't mean it. You just can't mean it." Hardly the sentence one expects to hear uttered from a mother when told by her daughter that she is marrying a billionaire. Jamie Auchincloss says that Janet was "hysterical. She did everything she possibly could to talk Jackie out of that marriage. She was just incensed. But it was no use. Jackie had made up her mind and there was nothing anyone could do about it."  Janet thought Jackie was getting back at her for divorcing Jackie's father Black Jack.

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     Jamie seems accustomed to dishing not only about Jackie's life with Aristotle Onassis, but with her former husband President John "Jack" Fitzgerald Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1963. (To see my interview with Kennedy biographer January Jones regarding her theory of the assassination, follow this link!) Jamie told Kitty Kelley that stories of JFK's sexual escapades and philandering "have been more painful to her as a mother than as a wife. Each time a book or an article appears about one of Jack's mistresses, Jackie must tell Caroline and John that their father loved her and she loved him and they must love him, too. It's excruciating for her, but she's powerless to do anything about it." Jackie biographer January Jones explains, in her 1998 biography Oh No...Jackie O!, JFK's sexual philandering in a more livid, emotional sense: "JFK's basic approach was to fuck them, then shuck them. No one was off limits for this President. It simply wasn't an issue whether they were someone's wife, daughter, mother or sister since they were all basically just a piece of ass."

     Though he does deserve it, Jamie Auchincloss isn't adverse to complaining about the way his family now treats him, after he has divulged many savory facts about his illustrious family. January Jones reports that Auchincloss once said, "It's impossible to be related to somebody as famous as Jacqueline Onassis. After talking to [Kitty] Kelley, they don't talk [to me] very much anymore." He did end up writing Jackie a "letter of apology", which he made sure to report to Kitty Kelley.     

     James Auchincloss once said of his famous sister, "She is always on. She's professionally Mrs. John F. Kennedy and Mrs. Aristotle Onassis 24 hours a day. She knows how to get out of the car like a movie star arriving at a premiere. Despite her screams for privacy, she has practiced making a grand entrance so often that she now does it like a pro." It seems now that James himself is getting good practice being in the public eye and practicing his grand entrances too, but this time strutting out of an armored car and into a jail cell.

     In their lifetime, he was hated by his family for his leaking of their private facts, and even now in death Jackie's ghost must be wreaking horrible vengeance on Jamie, which may be why he is now mentally ill-enough to obtain child pornography. The truly eternal question of all of this, and one that will forever be unanswered, is simple: What would Jackie Kennedy think about her half-brother now?  



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