Donald Trump is Proud to be a Birther...and so am I!

Donald Trump is Proud to be a Birther...and so am I!

     Watching Donald Trump on Bill O'Reilly's show today, I am convinced that Trump has what it takes to put his hat into the ring for the 2012 Presidential Election! Only recently has his name been thrown into the pile of possible Republican contenders of President to usurp Barack Obama's reign of terror, which was brought to a climax in his staggeringly condescending and over-simplified television address on the subject of the Libyan crisis.  
     But this isn't what this particular blog is about. This blog is about Trump's claim, which he first expressed on the clucking chicken-coop show that is know as The View, where he valiantly shouted, "I want to see his [Barack Obama's] birth certificate." Mr. Trump has recently thrown his hat into the ring and has become a "birther", which is a term given by the media to represent a certain faction of people who are fed up and are demanding that "President" Obama release his birth certificate.
     Trump is absolutely adamant about the subject, and just a few minutes ago I saw him state his case on Bill O'Reilly's show. O'Reilly is NOT a birther. So it was a point of contention between O'Reilly and Trump. Trump stated the fact, and one that a lot of people thing, and that is the fact that since Obama hasn't released his birth certificate, there is something he is hiding on there. Trump says that the main thing might be his religion, which could be stated as being Muslim. Obviously that's not a crime, but it could mean a certain end for any of Obama's future political endeavors.


     I, speaking as someone who has kept their mouth shut about the whole birth certificate issue up until now, state the fact that I, along with Donald Trump and many many other true-blooded Republican/Tea-Partiers, am a Birther. I believe that Barack Obama is definitely hiding something.
     If everything was in order, he would have opened those records from DAY ONE. But since he is playing 4-year-old games with us and is hiding it, there is something on those fateful papers that he doesn't want us to see.
     I believe it may be religion, because that IS the most probable thing on there that could be a splattered bug on Obama's Presidential windshield. Either way, there is something that he is hiding.
     And who knows! It may be something far more sinister than religion. Maybe the birth certificate doesn't exist at all! This may seem like a long-shot, but what Mr. Trump said in his interview with The View ladies is that he, Mr. Trump, has seen a lot of fraud in his life and this birth certificate that is floating around that got him into the presidency may have been forged!
     I support that claim 100%. I believe that he falsely entered into the presidency with fake credentials and shoddy workmanship. But the cold hard facts are that we won't know until he releases those damn records!
     Barack Obama is hiding something. Something cold. Something scary. Something even worse than can be found in the darkest of Stephen King novels. Could it be possible that our Commander-in-Chief is boldly lying to us? That is the worst outcome of all! I don't want to live in a country where our top leader doesn't speak a word of truth to the people who his country. I just don't. This birth certificate thing just opens up a whole can of worms that I don't even like to think about.
     I can't believe more Americans aren't more adamant about this, like Donald Trump and I are. I wish every American, legally-born of course, would rise out of their seats and shout as one, "We want to see the birth certificate!" All of our voices together would shake this fidgety man into finally bringing forth the lies which he has hidden for so long!
     I am a Birther and I'm proud to be one! WE WANT TO SEE THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE!


     To read more on the Birthers and our quest, go to and join the good fight! Be sure to comment on this blog and tell me what your thoughts on the matter are. Are you or are you not a Birther? What do you think Obama may be hiding from us?



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  • Don't be silly with, "maybe it says he's a Muslim". First of all, birth certificates don't list the religion of the baby. I haven't even seen that they list the religion of the parents. Why would they?

    Second, even if said, "Muslim", it wouldn't make any different. Who cares what religion it says on his birth certificate. A newborn baby has no religious beliefs. It's well know that he wasn't a Christian until adulthood, so having been born a "Muslim" 25 years earlier certainly wouldn't change anything. Besides, we do have documents to the effect that he was listed as a Muslim when he enrolled in elementary school in Indonesia, and nobody cares about that either.

    The question is whether or not he's eligible to be the President. Raising other ancillary and irrelevant issues just confirms the MSM argument that Birthers are a bunch of lunatic, racists.

    The simple answer is that there is no birth certificate because he wasn't born in Hawaii. He was born in early August, and his parents were newlywed college students. Of course, they would've taken the opportunity of their summer break to travel to meet the husband's family in Kenya, and it's entirely possible, even likely, that if the birth occurred in early August, it may have happened before they were able to get back to the states.

    His grandparents were shrewd and educated people who would've known that a birth in Kenya to a Kenyan father and an young mother meant no U.S. citizenship for their grandson, so it would've been an easy thing for them to do to file an affidavit of home birth with the State in order to get Obama qualified for citizenship.

    This scenario conforms to all facts that we know about the matter: the statement by Abercrombie that there was just a "notation" in the files; the fact that the COLB released by the campaign does list Honolulu as the location of birth; the various statements by the Hawaii health department officials; the birth announcements in the Honolulu newspapers; etc.

  • I get great pleasure out of listening to birthers. I have to believe that normal people hearing them run as far and as fast as they can. You've got all the birth certificate you need or are entailed to. Any white people you doubt were born? There are areas you can attack the president on. But that might take research, critical How much easier to brainlessly be a tool of the corporate structure and deny the certificate, the decades old newspaper, the governor of Hawaii and logic. Besides they pay you for it.
    One point has me worried. I can't believe any sensible person would spend a moment worried about this. Then I remember that the American people think millionairs and billionaires need tax breaks, workers with good jobs need to be taken down a peg and they elected George W. Bush. Twice.

  • One more thought, Steve. Your not being fair. We never asked to see George (the bungee cord) W. Bush's eeg. But we accepted that he had brain waves. Damn! We may have missed something there

  • Seriously, don't you think Hillary Clinton would have been all over this?

  • In response to: "I don't want to live in a country where our top leader doesn't speak a word of truth to the people who his country. I just don't."

  • Trump is a clown. How can he possibly take credit for Obama shooting down a Republican whispering campaign?

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