Interview with January Jones: Author of "Jackie, Ari & Jack: The Tragic Love Triangle"

Interview with January Jones: Author of "Jackie, Ari & Jack: The Tragic Love Triangle"

     So much has been written about The Kennedy Clan, specifically Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the iconic wife of John F. "Jack" Kennedy, who became a cultural icon after her husband's untimely assassination during his presidency in November of 1963. Much has also been written about said assassination, much of it supreme speculation, but hardly ever before have the two subjects even been melded together to create a monster JFK assassination theory. Authoress January Jones pushes Jackie into the center of the JFK assassination, out of the home-life section of the JFK biographies, and pins the assassination on her, working in tandem with soon-to-be lover Aristotle Onassis, plotting together to put a hit on JFK, most likely hiring the best assassins in the world.


     I recently have had many conversations with January Jones about the Kennedy Clan and her theory. When I sent her my list of questions that I wanted to ask for this blog, she replied that she has "done over 500 TV and radio interviews on the Kennedys and [my] questions
are by far the best ones that I've, ever,ever been asked." I found that to be an incredibly humbling statement to receive, but it is just one example of the intelligent, common-sense woman that is January Jones. Too often when so-called Jacqueline Kennedy "scholars" talk about Jackie, they often seem like they are talking about the Virgin Mary. But January Jones isn't afraid to rush past the myth of Jackie Kennedy and offer some common sense information on Jackie, with wit, verve and intelligent rhetoric. Thus so was my conversation with her, which I reprint in full here:

Steven Krage (Life and Times of a Young Republican): When you were younger, what were your first memories of Jackie Kennedy?

January Jones: My first memories of Jackie Kennedy go back to my senior year in high school at Immaculata High School, Detroit, MI. It was 1960 and I was a senior at an all girls' Catholic school.
     We were all crazy about Jack Kennedy and even though we couldn't vote we campaigned for him. As for Jackie, she was our idol. We thought they were the perfect couple and when they won the election all of our dreams became realities.

SK: Did
you yourself ever try to emulate her as a youngster, or did you know
something was contrived about her persona even back then?

JJ: Of course, I tried to emulate her. Everyone did. By 1963, I was a stewardess with Eastern Airlines living in New York.  I flew the shuttle back and forth from NY to DC and Jackie-mania was in full force. We all tried to look like Jackie, dress like Jackie and even talk like Jackie. I read everything I could about our new First Lady. One time Teddy Kennedy was on my flight and that was so special.
     Nothing seemed contrived to me then about her because I idolized her. She was perfect in my opinion.
     This fascination with Jackie continued even after JFK was killed. Then when I became a widow at 25 years of age with two small children I really identified with her.  I walked behind a flag draped coffin too and felt a close bond to our former First Lady.


SS: Did you closely follow the Kennedy clan as well, or was your fascination strictly focused on Jackie?

JJ: I was obsessed with Jackie but also the entire Kennedy family.  They were the ultimate Catholic family for a young Catholic woman.

SK: Have you ever seen the movie Grey Gardens, and if so, what is your opinion on it and the way it portrays Jackie as a negligent relative who ignores her family?

JJ: Yes, I did see Grey Gardens and thought it was an excellent movie. As for Jackie, I sympathized with her having to put up with such strange relatives.


SK: For
my readers, would you give a quick synopsis of your theory of Jackie
Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis perpetrating a kill-for-hire on Jack

JJ: The Love Triangle Theory connects the dots and reveals the answer as to, Who had Kennedy killed?  It was the perfect crime of the last century.  It was a classic love triangle. Jackie laid it all out for the American public when she created the Camelot version of her husband's Presidency. Jack was King Arthur; Jackie was Guinevere our beloved Queen. As for Lancelot, he didn't ride in on a white horse to rescue our Queen; he flew in on Olympic Airways and rescued Jackie.
     Aristotle Onassis had the money, the motive and the means to commit the perfect crime at anytime, anywhere and to anyone. 
     My books are all about a Greek Tragedy with American Heroes.

SK: When was the first moment that the theory came into your head? Did you ever have a moment where even you thought that this theory was too outlandish to be true?

JJ: I had an Italian friend who once said to me that if she had been Jackie, she would have had Jack knocked off.  She planted the seed. Then when I discovered that Onassis was Jackie's guest in the White House during Jack's funeral, I knew there was more to it than just a good friendship.  I just sensed that a soon to be second husband in such close contact with the new widow was highly suspicious.

SK: How
much research went into your two books on Jackie? What are your
opinions on research in general (i.e. finding reliable sources, using
the internet for research etc...)?

JJ: I followed Jackie's life closely since 1960 and read everything about her. So I was researching her long before I even thought of writing a book about her. I was a history major in college and love doing research. My bibliography as a source has never been challenged. Everything I used had already been in the public domain. I just put the missing pieces to the puzzle together and came up with a new solution to this complex murder mystery.

SK: Reading the bibliography of both the Jackie books, I see Kitty Kelley's Jackie-Oh!
is listed as a source for both. What is your opinion of that book and
her work in general? I've met Kitty Kelley and I have a supreme
fascination with her work and others opinions of her, especially those
of other authors.

JJ: As for Kitty Kelly, I think she is a great researcher and I feel that her writing is fascinating. No one has ever been able to stop her from publishing her books, nor sue her for libel.......... so need I say more?

SK: What
is your character profile of Aristotle Onassis in general? He often put
for the fact that he was some sort of hero out of Greek Myth, so I was
wondering what your research really dug up on that myth?

JJ: Aristotle Onassis was one of the most powerful, ruthless men to ever exist. He and Joe Kennedy spoke the same language.   They spoke Money!  He thought of himself and a Greek connected to Greek mythology but no one else thought of him in that way. 
     Until he married Jackie, most people in high society and business looked down on him as just another Greek tycoon.  After his marriage to Jacqueline, doors opened to him that had previously been closed. He was now dining with the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Ari was a collector of celebrities and Jackie was the crown jewel of his collection.
     He kept a low profile until he married Jackie. Most people have no idea that he brokered World War II providing oil, arms and munitions to both sides. He was one of the first Drug Lords transporting drugs from the Golden Triangle on his ships all over the world.


SK: What
is your opinion of Maria Callas? I'm also an Opera-singer in training,
and Maria Callas is a heroine to us. Do you think she knew what she was
getting with Ari, or was she merely a star-struck lover lost in the

JJ: Maria Callas was a great opera singer and the scorned mistress of Onassis. She truly fell in love with a man who was incapable of loving anyone but himself. She is a tragic Greek heroine who loved and lost.


SK: Similar
to the question about Aristotle Onassis, what did your research dig up
on John F. Kennedy? Was he really an American hero, or was there more
than meets the average eye?

JJ: As for Jack Kennedy, he did what ever his father told him to do. He never wanted to be President. He did it to please his father. All Jack wanted to be was a playboy and he never wanted to be married. However his father expected him to marry in order to become the President. So that's why Jack married Jackie.  Once he married her, they lead separate lives with separate bedrooms.
     He only became an American hero because he was assassinated.  Plus, it helped to have  Jackie write the reviews and history of his short, insignificant administration.


SK: In
regards to your theory, what is the major clue that will unlock this
theory's truth once and for all? Are we still missing pieces of the

I had hoped that when Jackie's private papers were opened in 2044 that she would step to the forward from the grave and reveal what really came down in 1963.
     However that will not happen since her daughter, Caroline, has recently opened her mother's private papers to edit them for posterity. So now we will never hear what Jackie wanted to tell the world.
     She was the only First Lady in history to seal her private papers for 80 years.  I had hoped that she would step to the forefront and we would see that she was the dominant Kennedy of the last century.
     Jacqueline Kennedy was a brilliant woman who swam with sharks. When all was said and done, she was the last one left standing, Plus, she had all the money and she had the love and respect of the entire world.

SK: What
flack have you gotten from Kennedy, Onassis and Bouvier biographers and
scholars in regards to your theory? Has the outpouring been
overwhelmingly positive or negative? Also, what have been some reactions
from other readers, such as myself? Have the Jackie lovers of the world
been quick to lynch you, or have they accepted the theory?

JJ: I have never heard from any Kennedys about any of my books. They never comment on anything, not even Jack's assassination.
They refuse to help anyone become a best seller.  I certainly understand 
     My first book came out and was on the front cover of The National Enquirer,.
At first people were appalled. However after they read my book, then people would say that it made more sense than any other theory that has been put forth so far.  
     Most reactions over the years have been quite positive.  Until someone actually confesses, my theory is one of the better ones.
     Most Jackie lovers who read my book come away with a new and deeper appreciation of what Jacqueline went through as a long-suffering wife and as a miserable First Lady.

SK: Did
Jackie know what she was doing during the time your theory takes place
or was she blinded by her lust for money? Were there other motives
behind her decision or was it simply greed?

JJ: Of course, Jackie knew what she was doing. She was a brilliant woman. Unfortunately, she was in a tough spot. The times were different and  she did what she had to do to survive. 
     She loved her children above all else and she was an amazing mother. They came first in her life before any husbands or lovers.
     The fact of the matter was that as a Kennedy widow she was broke and desperately needed to get her own money. Onassis knew all of this and took advantage of a situation that he could not resist. She needed cash and he needed class. They were a perfect for each other.

SK: If Jackie were alive today, what would she think of your theory?

JJ: If Jackie were alive today, I think she would probably want to be my editor. However, I don't think she would have let me publish any of my books until 2044! She'd make me wait until her papers were opened first!


January Jones is the author of two books on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: Jackie, Ari and Jack: The Tragic Love Triangle and Oh No...Jackie-O! (Click on the name of the book to purchase on She is also the author of a humorous book on how people complain too much, called Thou Shalt Not Whine: The Eleventh Commandment: What We Whine About, Why We Do It and How to Stop. She is also one of the main proprietors of, a website filled with wonderful things on how to turn your passion for success into money! (I'm a new member there- their first Blog Success Expert!) To visit her home website, click here!

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