Top 5 Favorite Food Network Chefs

Top 5 Favorite Food Network Chefs

     I watch the Food Network more religiously than any other channel, so I think this blog was a long time coming. I have strong opinions on who I like and who I do not like on the Food Network, and here is my first installment on my Top 5 Favorite Food Network Chefs (Top 5 Worst will be coming eventually!) :

#5- Anne Burrell: From first glance, Anne Burrell looks a bit like a
German Wrestler and not so much like an accomplished chef. But, like
Guarnaschelli, she has true dedication to food. From her Food Network
beginnings as Mario Batali's sous-chef on Iron Chef America, to her present cooking show Secrets of a Restaurant Chef and her competition show Worst Cooks in America,
she has proven to us that if you put a lot of love and care into your
food, you will end up with a better result. She cares about helping
less-abled chefs on Worst Cooks, which is a competition show
where Anne and another chef help horrible cooks get better! She has
passion, she has talent, and she will prove to have staying power,
because of her dedication to her craft!


#4- Claire Robinson: She is very much in the vein of Rachael Ray, with her show 5-Ingredient Fix and it's subsequent new cookbook,
but she is a lot more mellow than the bubbly Ray. Her recipes are easy
for the casual chef, but are pleasing on the palate enough to keep even
the most dedicated foodie satisfied! She is adept at cooking and even
adept at hosting, since she has recently taken over hosting Food Network Challenge.
She may not be as tried-and-true as Rachael Ray, but we quickly forget
that Claire hasn't been around as long. She's going to grow and grow on
Food Network, and we will see great things from her, as we already are.

Claire Robinson pic.jpg

#3- Alexandra "Alex" Guarnaschelli: She hosts her formal cooking show Alex's Day Off, as well as judging on Chopped and even competing on Iron Chef America.
She truly has a passion for cooking, and her passion borders on
absolute obsession, which I love. You just have to take one look at her
Twitter to realize that
she loves food more than anything! She has a bright future ahead of her
in food, and I am anxiously awaiting a cookbook from her!


#2- Ina Garten: Who would have thought that a former White House
nuclear policy analyst could make such good food? Mentored by Martha
Stewart and Eli Zabar, Garten made a name for herself by purchasing a
store Westhampton Beach, New York called Barefoot Contessa. Her
food is classic and very near to my heart. Every episode of her show,
appropriately called Barefoot Contessa, warms not only my heart but
makes my stomach growl with anticipation. She is a very elegant woman,
and she's never without her many friends and her adorable husband
Jeffrey, who is a Professor at Yale. Ina lasts because she doesn't
spread herself thin (*cough* Guy Fieri *cough*) and always makes us
want to see more of her!



#1- Rachael Ray: She has always been my favorite Food Network chef, and always will be. I have met her twice in person, and each time she was as bright and bubbly as she is on TV. Her personality is perfect for TV, and that is why she has been such a big success, not only on the Food Network, but also on her talk-show Rachael Ray and her magazine Everyday with Rachael Ray. Her cooking show 30 Minute Meals has lasted since 2001 and hasn't lost steam since. She will be on Food Network for years to come, and while she may not be trained like the best, she certainly can stand up with them now!

rachael ray.jpg

     That is my list and I am
sticking to it! I want to hear YOUR comments about my choices, and also
about who you think are your favorites!


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  • It's a solid list. My wife is from Alabama and we enjoy Paula Deen and occasionally the Neely's. We watch Ann, Claire and Rachel every Saturday. Michael Symon has a show on Cooling Channel called "Cook Like An Iron Chef" that's awesome. I'm a big fan of his. And then of course, there is my all time favorite, Emeril.

  • Ok maybe I sound a little outlandish here, or who knows. I have been known to be a tad critical. I find it funny that I've watched FN for years and it seems as though your top 5 actually compose my bottom 5. First, where's the guys? Why is your list solely composed of chicks? Second, you must really not care about food at all. Your list contains 2 people (that's just under half) that compose and create based on "quick" "easy" "simple". These are words that any person who loves food can simply not identify with. Where have we went wrong as a culture to think food should be fast? Why? I appreciate labor intensive recipes. I'm a professional chef and make my living by doing this. If you want quick & easy stick with Applebee's. Those are "quick" "easy". Then there's the matter of the other 3. WHHAA???? Anne? Ina? and Gina? As the commentators of ESPN say "C'MON MAN". All of these people suggest using sub par ingredients and substitutions. If you don't have time to make chicken or veal stock......then you don't have time to cook. You might as well pack your knives and go eat at Taco Bell. I have witnessed all of these people making suggestions of using pre-fab ingredients. Chicken stock out of a box? Really? The greatest in the world tell you...if you don't have real chicken stock.....use water. I can't see you as a major culinary authoratative figure by your choices or your standards. Get real, or go home! (and maybe stop at a fast food joint on the way)

    ~Cynical In The City

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