Selena Gomez's Leaked Nude Photo: Has the Darling of Disney Gone Bad?

Selena Gomez's Leaked Nude Photo: Has the Darling of Disney Gone Bad?

"Selena Gomez says the "topless" photo circulating on the Internet -- purporting to be her -- is fake ... and she is now on the attack. Sources directly connected with Gomez tell TMZ Selena and company are furious that her reputation is being sullied by some perverts with Photoshop. We're told her lawyers
are planning on taking action immediately.  Standard operating
procedure is to fire off a cease and desist letter ... followed by a

     That's what had to say about a reported picture that was leaked featuring the 18-year-old Disney star naked as the day God made her. The Wizards of Waverly Place star is now furiously denying that the picture is her, saying it was a photo-shopped fake.
     Donna Kaufman, of, says that Selena might be being cyberbullied: "With fellow Disney proteges Miley Cyrus doing bong hits and Demi Lovato in rehab, it seems inevitable that Selena is heading for a fall. Maybe
cynical Internet users are just trying to speed things up. Gomez seems
like a sweet girl -- and unfortunately, she has little recourse against
people attacking her on the Internet, which is basically legal. We just hope she's strong enough to stand her ground until the cyberbullies move on to other targets."

     Kaufman also bring into light a case for the ethics of gossip publishers, such as myself: "The supposed camera phone picture was being shopped to gossip blogs earlier this week, many of which refused to publish it because they couldn't determine if Gomez was underage in the picture." She also describes the picture in full: "The picture shows a short-haired girl who appears to be Gomez; she is
standing near the shower curtain in a bathroom, wearing nothing but a

     This comes as a shock, since Gomez has been a lifetime promoter of abstinence, even going so far as to wear a purity ring since she was twelve.
     Gomez has put a lot into her image as a virginal, good-girl, including raising $700,000 for UNICEF in 2008.
     She has not been without controversy. Earlier this month, she had been receiving death threats from fans of cloying, puberty-challenged "singer" Justin Bieber were angry with her, when pictures of Gomez and Bieber were published showing them kissing (those had to be fake, am I correct? Several reporters have stated that the pictures are fakes, which have somehow placated the Bieber-lovers out there.) She has since denied being in a relationship with him, saying: "We just like to hang out. They shouldn't be stopping us from going out to dinner and things like that."


     I, personally, think the pictures are hers. Her covering up of the incident has been quite crafty, but the fact remains that she has gone a long way towards keeping her pure image. This false statement of her saying that the pictures are fake is simply a cover-up for the fact that they are of her.
     She, I feel, has fears that if she admits to having taken these camera-phone pictures, her younger fans will turn against her, as will every boy she hopes to have relationship with. She is simply denying taking them because her image is at stake here. If she were a normal teenager, she would have admitted to taking them.
      Her lawyers are probably, at this very moment, orchestrating a backroom deal to cover this up, and pay off the person who leaked them, brave soul that he/she was. Gomez will be viciously denying this for months to come, but sooner or later she is going to slip up, or flat out reveal the dark truth.
      Beyond a doubt, I believe they are 100% real. Her covering up of the incident is shady at best, and she is guilty as sin. Using her publicist, she has, with mild success, succeeded in dodging a bullet. But it will take more bloggers like me to force the truth out of her nasty little mouth.  



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