Ode to the Flu

Ode to the Flu

     I have presently been plagued with Influenza for the past 5 days, and on that note I decided to write a little Ode to the Flu:

I fell asleep one night, head clear.
The next day I awoke with a certain fear.
My head was plugged up, my throat was red.
Maybe I shouldn't have gone to bed?

My bed becomes my saving grace,
A most personal and special place.
I sleep for hours and hours on end,
My bed now has become my only friend.

Fifty tissues and two antibiotics later,
My head still feels like it was hit with a freighter.
I toss and turn and cough and wheeze,
Wishing to God and saying "Please Please."

I dream of odd and interesting things,
Like scary butterflies with barbecue wings.
I wake up in fear and disgust with myself,
So I go to grab a tome off the bookshelf.

I read of interesting things with fevered glee,
Like Sarah Palin and Gypsy Rose Lee.
I start to feel better, thank the dear Lord,
I was afraid soon I'd start to get bored.

The next day I wake with a head clear and free,
But sadly I decide on a shopping spree.
From 11-6 I shop and shop,
But when I get home all I do is plop.

So here, hours later, I sit and I write,
Slamming this disease with a bite.
So Winter comes, and I again feel blue,
For what is Winter without the Flu?



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