My Prediction: Lindsay Lohan Will be Back in Rehab or Jail within a Months' Time

My Prediction: Lindsay Lohan Will be Back in Rehab or Jail within a Months' Time

"Sheriff's investigators want
Lindsay Lohan charged with battery for last month's skirmish with a
Betty Ford Center rehabilitation technician."

     That is the most recent summation of Lindsay Lohan's outlooks. Within the space of a few days after her release from the Betty Ford Clinic Monday, Lohan may have gained a space in a crowded jail cell, or another rehabilitation center.
     The actress, 24, has been to many rehabilitation clinics in the past, more than three. She has been arrested once for a DUI in 2007. She has been on a slow and steady decline since the mid 2000's and she doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. Since her early days of The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and many other wholesome Disney movies, Lohan has proven herself to be a total train-wreck when it comes to her personal life. And this gossiper thinks she shows no signs of stopping any time soon!

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     Lohan's last rehab stay was at the famous Betty Ford Clinic. While there, she reportedly attacked a worker at the Clinic. Here is the story, as reported by Tony Hicks: "Lohan returned to the Betty
Ford Center in Palm Desert on Dec. 12 after curfew and refused rehab
worker Dawn Holland's request to take a Breathalyzer test, Holland has
claimed. Lohan is accused of pushing Holland, who then dialed 911 and,
when Lohan ripped the phone away from her, injured Holland's wrist.
Lohan has been receiving treatment at Betty Ford, about 120 miles east
of Los Angeles, since late September. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge
Elden Fox, who has overseen Lohan's probation for her 3½-year-old
drunken driving case, required Lohan to remain at the rehab center
until Monday."
She has also, reportedly, ready to move into a Venice Beach home. A home that, oddly, is


situated right next door to her ex, and lesbian lover, Samantha Ronson. The "new pad" is a "four bedroom, four bathroom home that will cost her about $7000-a-month", according to


These last two facts speak wonders about Lindsay Lohan's state of mind. For the last 4+ years of her life, she has either been drunk, stoned, frolicking with either men or women, in jail or in rehab! What does it take to bring her down? Every time something happens to her she whines that she will "turn her life around" and that it will "never happen again." But this skeptic thinks that she is beyond retribution. I predict that within the next month, she will either be back in rehab, or arrested for assault. She has already fallen down the dark tunnels that she created, and there is no light to bring her back this time. Her past records show that she will keep going back to rehab time and time again because she is weak. She can't help herself on her own, so she's going to pay professionals to do it. But even that's not helping now! She is a car crash of a person, and I don't think anyone in the US, except maybe her crazy father Michael Lohan, thinks that she should be allowed to roam the streets a free woman. There is something terribly wrong with her that is causing this destructive streak.

    I'm sorry to say that I think this streak will land her in jail, or in rehab, or even worse, dead. The first two options, I predict, will happen by the end of this month. The last one might take longer to settle in. 

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