Walt Disney and Children...not a good mix?

Walt Disney and Children...not a good mix?

     I was rooting around Facebook today, and one of my friends, who is not the brightest bulb in the bunch (but I digress), posted this doozy of a status:

White lived alone with seven men, Jasmine was in a forbidden
relationship with Aladdin, Little Red Riding Hood didn't listen to her
mom and went out. Pinocchio was a liar. Tarzan walked without clothes
on. Sleeping Beauty was kissed by a stranger and married him.
Cinderella lied and sneaked out at night to attend a party.These are
the stories our parents raised us with and then they complain our
generation is messed up?

As valid a point as the person, who probably copied and pasted this from somewhere else, was trying to make, it brought up a different point in my mind.
     There has been a major grassroots movement in the US lately, not the Tea Party, but something equally as stunning (but in a negative rather than a positive light.) That is a faction of parents who have decided that these tried-and-true Disney movies are too "violent" for their child's virgin eyes to watch. Generations and generations of kids grew up watching this movies, reading the books based off of them and loving every second of it! Only when we start to over-analyze these movies, do we put our children in danger. On first glance, these movies are simply fairy-tales with simple morals, yet with complex and interesting characters that keep the viewer engrossed the whole way through. I'm 19, and I grew up watching every one of these movies. I was, and still am, obsessed with the Disney Villains. They simply have always appealed to me more than the heroes and princesses. But overprotective parents choose mostly the Villains to criticize, whether that be Cruella De Vil's smoking in 101 Dalmatians, Maleficent's scary-horror factor in Sleeping Beauty or Madame Medusa's bad-driving skills in The Rescuers. The reason that these Villains have these "flaws" are to teach the children a lesson: Villains are the ones who do these bad things, and eventually they are struck down by the heroes. Easy lesson to learn, right? Not for these parents. They can't see the base lesson, they only see what's on the surface- and that is the flaws of these characters. NOW these parents are starting to see the heroes are moral-less and base, as sourced by my friend's lame Facebook status. Once you start critisizing the heroes and heroines for being letches, that's when you have lost all credibility with me. These parents need to see the bigger picture here. Their children love these movies, and will always love these movies. You can't take them away from them just because they aren't strictly G-rated because life isn't always necessarily going to be G-rated. There will be people who smoke, who drink, who drive bad and it is better for children to learn this early on in a safe medium like Disney movies, and not later on from their smoking and drinking 35-year-old boyfriends. If they learn early, they will be more careful later on. It's a simple equation. Disney + Kids - Overprotective Parents = Life lessons to be learned.
     Are you a parent? Do you let your children watch Disney movies without having to brace them for the scary images? Were you brought up on Disney and love it, like most do? OR are you an overprotective parent who shields their children from Disney?





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  • The parents I know who "shield their children from Disney" don't do it because of the violence, but because of the negative messages it often sends. Take The Little Mermaid, for example, in which Ariel literally gives up her voice to "win her man" without even talking. Because really, what good could she have to say, right?

    I, too, grew up watching Disney. I think there are some strong characters and I think that I will allow my children to watch it, but only while talking through some of the things I find troubling about it. They're going to see it regardless, so I'd rather talk it through with them as we watch.

  • Yes, i agree, the Disney movies now-a-days don't have the same charm that they used to. Another thing that i thought was quite interesting and have spent some time researching on, is how people nit-pick at movies finding sexual and anti-christ "subliminal" messages in every cartoon and movie made before 1990.

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