The Sarah Palin vs. Justin Bieber Book Debate: Vapidity Gone Wild!

The Sarah Palin vs. Justin Bieber Book Debate: Vapidity Gone Wild!

     I was idling by in the Walmart today, not because I HAVE to but because I enjoy watching the people who shop there (there is NO better people-watching anywhere else) and I got to my favorite of all sections, the Book Aisle! I like to look and see what the American people are buying. But my stomach turned as I looked at the selection. Sarah Palin's new memoir, American By Heart, was nowhere to be seen (and yes, I checked the shelves and there wasn't even a spot for it!), but there were at least 20 copies of Justin Bieber's Twitter-pasted "autobiography." This made me want to scream with rage, but I've held it just long enough to spew out this blog.


     We, as a people, are starting a scary trend. We are starting to reward vapid, inane people with tons of media coverage. Whether it be preteen nasties like Justin Bieber or other teenage "heartthrobs" like the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus or even reality-television stars like The Situation and Lauren Conrad. I look through the book aisle and I'm appalled. We are paying good money and are spending a lot of time rewarding inane people. I validate their existence, but not much more than that. I don't mean to be spiteful, but what does The Situation have to teach us in his new book? According to the subtitle of the book it is a guide to "Creeping on Chicks, Avoiding Grenades, and Getting in Your GTL on the Jersey Shore." What has happened to us as a populous? Have we really become so vapid and starved for escapism that we need to read what these sorry excuses for humanity have to write? I say we revolt from reading or watching whatever these cretins produce, and pick up a good book. Buy Sarah Palin's book. Don't like Politics? Buy Betty White's autobiography! Don't like nonfiction? Buy Glenn Beck's novel! There are thousands of millions of good reads that actually are worth the time to process and pay attention to. We HAVE to stop rewarding these horrible people and their vapid behavior, before it's too late. God knows, maybe someday we will all evolve into these boorish nasty people. I hope, for my sake, that by that time I'll either be deaf or dead. It's just that simple.


      I want you to leave me comments with your opinions on this! What GOOD books have you read lately by prominent and socially upright people? I know there are people out there, like you my dear readers, who actually read books that are worth the time to read! 

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