Elizabeth Edwards Dies of Cancer at 61

Elizabeth Edwards Dies of Cancer at 61

     For anyone who has been following semi-recent politics, the name John Edwards inevitably comes up. But almost as striking as that horrible man is, the same goes for how wonderful his (semi-ex) wife Elizabeth Edwards. Even while her husband was cheating on her, eventually having a baby out of wedlock with his mistress, Elizabeth remained a staunch figurehead, and an unflappably sweet person. But, just a short few hours ago, after a long battle with cancer, she died at the age of 61. It truly is a sad day. During the course of her life she wrote two books, Saving Graces and Resilience, and they are remarkably brave and true books, very reminiscent of the woman herself. But, according to the book Game Change by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, Elizabeth was not always the person she seemed to be: "The nearly universal assessment" among campaign aides, they wrote,
"was that there was no one on the national stage for whom the disparity
between public image and private reality was vaster or more


      But what can we draw from her life? We learn from her that even during hard times and through great adversity, we can be a kind and gentle person. There was a lot of love in Elizabeth. Her face was warm and caring and her demeanor was always polite and engaged. She was totally supportive of her husband, which can be seen as a bad thing now, since it was shown that he was a cheating letch, which is ruining his political career. We can also take from her story, the fact that life will not always be perfect. There will be failures in life. There is will be death. There will be disease. There will be suffering. But above all of that, there is hope. There is hope that life will get better, and Mrs. Edwards life, for the most part, was a very good, well-lived one. It was only toward the end that it took a little downward spiral, but I doubt that fact even made her feel totally sorry for herself. She always just picked up and went on with her life, as if the word cancer didn't mean anything to her! We can all take a page out of her book and just try not to complain about the small stuff. Life, for the most part, is good and we should treat each day as if it was our last, as Mrs. Edwards did.



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