You win some, you lose some: The electing of Pat Quinn and the race for Governor of Illinois

You win some, you lose some: The electing of Pat Quinn and the race for Governor of Illinois

This afternoon the Associated Press (AP) confirmed that with a margin of about 20,000 votes, Pat Quinn has won the race for Governor of Illinois. (Source: Pat Quinn Wins.)

What does this mean for Illinois?

1. It means that we are stuck with the same guy who was arm in arm with Rod Blagojevich. I said right off the bat that Quinn was too close to Blagojevich to ever make me feel comfortable about him being Governor. He makes claims that he is going to eliminate Illinois' "pay-to-play" political past, but the brass facts are that Quinn was too close to Blagojevich not to be corrupted by his influence. As much as Quinn has tried to distance himself from the past, sometimes there is no distance great enough to eradicate memories of the past.

2. It means that Illinois will not be out of the economic slump it is in any time soon. Quinn's plans for refurbishing Illinois' problems are spotty at best. While Brady would have used his fiscal conservatism to help our state, Quinn wants to tax us up the ying-yang and spend the money funding the bureaucrats paychecks. He has no good plans for Illinois, and I doubt that anything he is going to do in office with be helpful to the state as a whole.

3. As I said before, he wants to raise taxes for those of us who cannot afford to be taxed any more! Quinn doesn't care about the normal taxpayers. He only cares about lining his pockets and lining the pockets of every big business in Illinois. He will probably end up being greedier than Blagojevich, if that is even possible. His fiscal ethics have come up to the light many times. Bill Brady said that, "He's not willing to face up to the tough decisions that a governor
must make...Gov. Quinn has been unable to rein in state
spending." (Source: Quinn, Brady joust over ethics.)  We are just in for more taxing without any say from the people!

Pat Quinn has been elected by us, sadly, and there is nothing to contest. Illinois will stay in the hole it is in as long as Quinn is in office.

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