Victory Across the Landscape: Election 2010

Victory Across the Landscape: Election 2010

From 7:00 til 12:30 I stood pacing around my room, waiting for election results. Yesterday was one of the most thrilling nights, in regards to my political side. The night ended up being a Republican victory, even in our losses.

House of Representatives: This was the major win for Republicans. We took control of the HOR by taking 239 seats versus the Democrats 186. (Source: 2010 HOR Map) This also meant that Miss Botox Queen Nancy Pelosi was thrown off her perch as Speaker of the House, which in itself was worth the entire night of stress. (Source: No regrets, says Pelosi) Without her constant support, I think Obama will finally see that not every idea he has needs to be pushed with enough fervor to run 500 race cars. This also officially means that the political spectrum is now split between Democrats and Republicans. There may seem like a majority of Democrats, since they still run the White House and the Senate, but now at least we Republicans get a chance at running the HOR.

Senate: Sadly, the Senate tipped in favor of the Democrats. They got 52 seats, versus our 46. (Source: 2010 Senatorial Map) It pains me that it is SUCH a close margin, but we still have many of our good Republican pals in the Senate, including Mark Kirk, who now holds Barack Obama's old Illinois Senate seat! This will yield unlimited dividends in the years to come, especially since this means that Kirk will be holding this seat for 6, count em', 6 years because of the special election for an add-on in Illinois regarding the finishing of Burris's term. But since the Democrats still control the Senate, that means we are still stuck with Harry Reid (Source: Reid wins in Nevada) He said, though, that he is "begging for Republican input" because "GOP counterparts for obstructing much of the legislative agenda Democrats laid out in the last two years." (Source: Reid is 'begging' for Republican input) This means that his attacks on Republicans will not stop short anytime soon, but we have more mouths in the Senate now, which means more opposition to his lame-duck attacks! Sadly, and this was my biggest casualty of the night, Christine O'Donnell lost her race to Chris Coons for Senator of Delaware. (Source: Christine O'Donnell losts to Coons) But as I said to a friend earlier in the day: "Christine O'Donnell may have lost the race, but I'm sure she'll find many better things to do. Who knows? Maybe we'll see Palin/O'Donnell on the ballot for the Presidential election in 2012!" Her future will yield unlimited riches. It is really only up from here! (Source: Christine O'Donnell's star not likely to fade!)

Gubernatorial Races: Another win for Republicans. The total number of Republican Governors versus Democrat Governors was 29 to 15 (with 1 independent and 5 undecided rounding the numbers out.) (Source: 2010 Governor Map) The odd story of the moment though is the Bill Brady Vs. Pat Quinn race, which has yet to be decided. The race is so close that, even though the polls are showing that Quinn did indeed get more votes, there are still so many to be counted (I think there are 30,000 absentee ballots that have yet to be counted) plus the race was so close that they will likely have to recount the ballots, which may take up to a month! Plus Brady is only down 19,000, so those votes need to be counted before they can claim a winner! (Source: Brady thinks he can win with 25K)

All-in-all, my feverish waiting and stressing was rewarded beyond even my wildest dreams! This election showed that true red-blooded Americans are tired of the Democrats tired old policies that are failing as we speak! They wanted true Republican change, and that is what they got! We are severely close to eclipsing the Liberal Democrats on all sides of the political spectrum, and that is what excites me the most! The horizon is starting to appear in the distance, and from here I can only see good things happening!

(Photo Source: CNN: What election results mean)

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