Sarah Palin's Alaska Episode #3 (Synopsis!)

Sarah Palin's Alaska Episode #3 (Synopsis!)

Another wonderful Sunday night spent with the Palin family!
     This week, it was focused on Track, the Palin's 21-year-old first-born son, taking over the family fishing business from Todd. It is also Willow's sweet 16 birthday, and there were five generations of Palin women in the house- including Todd's grandma who is a real Eskimo!

1. Todd and Track have always really bonded over fishing, so it is rather appropriate that Track should take his father's place in the salmon-fishing business. There is a large amount of family pride in the business, so it is a real honor that he would get to do so! Track does slack off in some areas, but eventually he will do his family proud!

2. The Palin's are trying to teach Willow that you can be materialistic, but not in the ways of money, but in the amount of family that you have and the amount of love that is in that family.

3. They also go to see Todd's relative Ina, who has a son Matthew who has Down Syndrome. There is a specific scene in this episode where Sarah starts to tear up when she talks about Matthew and how wonderful he is, and how that is a link to how wonderful her life with Trig will be! (For those of you who don't know, I adore Trig Palin, as stated in my blog totally about him!)

That was pretty much it for this week!

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