Sarah Palin's Alaska Episode #2 (Recap!)

Sarah Palin's Alaska Episode #2 (Recap!)
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"I love this state as I love my family."
     Those are the first few words that herald to me that my wonderful new Sunday-night ritual of watching Sarah Palin's Alaska is about to commence! I have grown to adore this show, even though there have only been two episodes. Every show is filled with the wonderful nature and wildlife of Alaska that, honestly, I wouldn't have probably seen otherwise, and I love that! This whole episode was about the Palin family going on a road-trip to Homer, Alaska (Sarah Palin make a wonderful joke with her line, "We're goin' to Homer...D'OH!")

     1. The whole episode featured the subject of competition. Whether it be between the Palin kids Piper, Willow, or Bristol, or even between Sarah and her husband Todd, there is always competition going on in the Palin household, which was how she was raised. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone! Competition keeps us on our toes, even if it is just a little game between two children. It never hurts to have a strong competitive spirit!

     2. The beginning of the episode, before the road-trip, showed Sarah and Todd taking Bristol to the shooting-range to shoot at clay birds (not some rare species of Alaskan bird, an ACTUAL clay bird.) Sarah told the anecdote that her first baby shower was held on that very shooting range they were at, which she said got the "Liberals all wee-wee'd up!" Not very many shows would have their subjects openly shooting big rifles, but not Sarah Palin. It is a part of who she is, and she is not going to change her ways just because some lousy cameras are around! It just shows so much of her spirit. This also where we first hear that it has been a very hard year for Bristol, with the media surrounding her and Levi Johnston. This whole episode is a recurring theme of wanting Bristol to take a break from the tabloids and just have a stress-free time, which I think, though we may not be in the same situation, is a great lesson for all of us! When Bristol shows some guff at having to shoot a rifle, Sarah chides her, causing Bristol to retort- "Mom, take your prom-hair back home!" How much more spot-on can you be?

     3. They drop little Trig (more on him later) off at their in-law's house and head on the road towards Homer, Alaska: where they are going to do some honest-to-goodness halibut fishing with a real commercial fishing boat and captain! On the way their, in their RV, Sarah comments on the fact that they are an "average American family on a road-trip." Sarah then says that each of their child's personalities really shine through on trips like these- be it Willow's "new-found laziness", Bristol being the "old soul" of the family or Sarah being afraid that young Piper is growing up too fast. On their way to the docks, the Palin family is obviously stopped by fans who want to talk to her, but along the way they see several people who just want a picture with Todd, because a Snow Mobile champ in Alaska! They finally get to the boat with Captain Pat and his wife Barbara, and they make plans for the next day for Sarah and Bristol to help them catch their halibut! The Palin family then goes to visit the memorial in Homer of all the people that have been lost at sea, which brings a tear to each other their eyes. That is how much respect they have for this craft! As Sarah puts it, "Mother Nature always wins."

     4. The next day, Sarah and Bristol are up bright and early helping Cap'n Pat heave in the Halibut from the hooks he and his other fishermen have cast. Bristol is given the job to beat these giant fish as they are hauled into the boat, to stun them. Once again, Bristol shows some guff in doing this, but eventually she warms up to the task of bludgeoning these fish senseless! The moral is that "work ethic is the biggest life lesson" of the day! To cap off the day, they see a whale jumping in the distance.

     5. After all of this, Sarah and Todd take so much needed personal time to do some kayaking together, which includes some nice sightings of Sea Otters and even an Eagle! Of course, Sarah and Todd are eager to race each other in the kayaks, keeping with their theme of competition. Sarah puts it best by saying, "Why can't we ever be satisfied with tranquility or serenity?"

     6. After visiting the fish auction and cleaning plant, they head to the beach in Deep Creek to do some Clam-digging! Do they ever stop? Work ethic is right, but at least this time it's rather fun. They have a nice cook-out after they have caught their share of clams and of course Todd, Sarah and Bristol all have a competition with the cooking, which Todd, again, wins. They all sit back at the send of the day, reeling from their fantastic, and stress-free, time in Homer!
     This episode was just as wonderful as the first, and as I've said before, I am always eager to watch this show! It has become a staple of my life, and if you haven't started to watch it yet, I suggest you do! 9/8c on TLC! Next week the episode will star TRIG, whom I wrote a blog about a few days ago! (Trig Palin and Down Syndrome: Miracles at Work.) I am very excited to see the star, in my opinion, of the Palin family. Trig is a wonder, and this will be the first episode to feature him prominently! I truly can't wait!



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