Sarah Palin's Alaska: A Huge Triumph!

Sarah Palin's Alaska: A Huge Triumph!

     Sarah Palin's new TLC reality show premiered tonight. Sarah Palin's Alaska is not your typical Jersey Shore/American Idol/Little People, Big World type of cookie-cutter reality show! It chronicles the day-to-day business of Sarah Palin, her husband Todd, and their 5 children, including Trig, their young son with down syndrome.

     I must admit I started to watch the show tonight with a bit of trepidation. Sarah Palin always has this aura of criticism following her, unfairly, and any wrong thing that she says is magnified 2,000 times more than it should. But I must say that the premiere of her show today exceeded even my adoring expectations! It presents Sarah Palin as not only a leading voice in the politics of today, but also as a wife and mother, and an all-around fascinating person to watch! During the course of the episode tonight she went salmon-fishing with her husband, daughter Piper, and niece McKinley. During the course of the fishing, they saw two brown bears attacking each other, and the whole family was thrilled to see nature in action. Sarah Palin's Alaska not only presents the family as a whole, but also the area in which they live: Alaska! It is a wonderful oppotunity for those of us who don't know a lot about that part of the US to learn a lot about it! It is a visually stunning place to watch, and it is no wonder that Sarah has chosen to stay there instead of relocating to Washington D.C.! It is a simply gorgeous state, one that may not be very easy to live in due to the cold climate and damp weather, but for some people it's just the right thing.



     The episode also show Sarah and her husband Todd, climbing the base of Mt. McKinley, one of the highest mountains in the world! Even fearless Sarah was a tad nervous as she was climbing, but eventually she accomplished her goal and made it to the designated area! Earlier that day, she had a Fox News interview with Bill O'Reilly. That struck me as very unique! You have a political interview in the morning, with one of the toughest commentators out there, and then you go and climb part of the world's tallest mountain! How many other politicians can claim to do that? It's just another example of how Sarah really IS a politician, but she is a real person too, which most people don't see. They see the caricature of Sarah Palin, the dunderhead, but from this show they will finally see the Palin that I have seen from the very beginning: Palin the maverick! In between salmon-fishing, fighting with her next-door-neighbor who is writing a tell-all book about her, scolding her daughter for bringing a boy up into her room when she expressly told her not to, climbing a mountain, or being interviewed by Bill O'Reilly, you see every facet of Sarah Palin's unique and vivacious personality!



     Every Sunday, from now until the show ends, I will devote to writing a blog specifically about the show! Sarah Palin is here to stay, and she is passing with flying colors as far as I am concerned!  

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