Dr. Seuss loves Hitler?: Overprotective Parents Run Amuck

Dr. Seuss loves Hitler?: Overprotective Parents Run Amuck

     When I was little, I remember watching a videocassette which was a half-cartoon, half-live action documentary on the life of Dr. Seuss called In Search of Dr. Seuss. I also remember that I used to adore it. So when I went to look on Amazon to look at the reviews and see what other people thought about the movie I so cherished as a child, I was scared at this review that I came upon entitled Parents use caution- not for children:

     I am very disappointed and shocked by this video. I took it out from
our public library with high hopes for my children who enjoy Dr. Seuss
books. Mixed into this video of bits about different Dr. Seuss stories
are images of swastikas, Nazi's and even Hitler. Apparently the author
of Dr. Seuss books did a documentary during W.W. II and footage of it
is included in this video. I strongly feel that this is inappriate(sp) for
children to watch. There are scenes from Kristallnacht - when the
Nazi's looted and burned Jewish stores. Why was this included and why
isn't there a warning on the box? I do not want my children seeing
images that will stay in their mind of these terrible things. I am
shocked by how many positive reviews of this video are listed. After
informing my local librarian of the contents of this video, she removed
it from the children's section.


     I remember watching the movie, and the reason that it brought up Hitler was because part of the documentary brought light to the fact that during World War II, Dr. Seuss drew cartoons slamming Hitler and bring awareness to what he was doing, therefore advocating what was wrong with him. This woman commenting on that really has no idea how to piece together information. Children have a right to learn about the past. World War II and Hitler are, while not entirely child-friendly for the layman parent to talk to a child about, they still have a right to know about the past. She actually made her librarian take the video out of the children's section! 3/4th's of the video is a children's cartoon for gosh sake! Overprotective parents like these are ruining whatever chance of sanity we have left as a nation. And then, to top it off, I was looking at more reviews of some of my favorite Disney movies, 101 Dalmatians and Sleeping Beauty, and I found two more doozies-of-reviews:

      People may think that 101 Dalmatians is a good choice for children's
entertainment but I warn you, this is certainly not. For instance,
there is way too much smoking here, which is something that never
bothers me when it is only the villains smoking, but one of the
"heroes," Roger is seen smoking way too much. Also, there's a weird and
sort of disturbing atmostphere surrounding the film, an evil woman
wants to skin a bunch of innocent puppies. Of course you know that
Disney would never let something like that happen, so from the
beginning of the film, you know how the story ends, which makes the
film not very amusing for adults and a bit too disturbing for children.
Please, view it yourself first before you let the little ones watch it.
There's a lot of drinking, smoking and cruel words in this film. It's
interesting that children usually like to imitate the villains, because
Disney usually makes them the cool ones, and believe me, Cruella DeVil
isn't a character you want your kids imitating. Skip this one, more
suitable children's entertainment are films like Dumbo, Cinderella, The
Rescuers or Mary Poppins.
     I remember seeing this film in the theater, not sure what year. It was
the habit of Disney to show their films in rotation, one year Sleeping
Beauty, another Bambi, another Snow White, Fantasia, Alice In
Wonderland, and so on. This was before the age of VCR's. When I saw it
I was very small. Maleficent, the evil witch that put a curse on
Aurora, frightened me, as she did when she became the gigantic
fire-breathing dragon. I had a few nightmares about this film.

would caution parents with very small children to watch the tape first
without the child present to see if these images are appropriate for
their child. At times, Disney was a bit too over-the-top in the earlier
classic cartoons when it came to violence and death and I can recall a
few other films he made where the images were too much for me to
understand and frightened me instead. I remembering being very upset
when Bambi's mother was shot dead, crying through a good portion of the
rest of the film. When I saw Snow White's stepmother turn into the
wicked old hag I could no longer look at the screen and wanted to leave
the theater.

Disney's company was even responsible for a horrible
cartoon called "Hitler's Children" that was made during WWII, I believe
as propaganda. (I was able to view this cartoon recently and was
appalled at the images and language!) So, even though these old cartoon
films are called "classics" parents should take the time to view them
before their children do and spare their children some unhappy moments.
I wish my parent had had the same option.

The rest of the film tells a good story and the art is visually interesting despite being so old. I give this film 2 1/2 stars

     Yes, I kid you not, some wacko found a way to tie Sleeping Beauty to Hitler! As comedian Lewis Black once said, "I think they have Hitler tourettes!" We have become a nation of overprotective parents. When even docile Disney films like 101 Dalmatians come under the scrutiny of these people, then we know we have a problem! So what if Cruella smokes? You walk down the street and you see people smoking. What are you going to do?! Shield your kid's eyes all the time with a blindfold so they don't see these travesties of normal everyday life? Disney has become too scary for these mopes to even consider enjoying it! Snow White is too scary because of the Witch, Bambie is a travesty because the mother dies, and God knows how many other movies these people have seen fit to demolish because of a few minor details? I can see shielding children from R-rated movies and things of that nature, but when you are attacking the very movies that millions of people have grown up on, then I think you're going to far! We've all grown up to lead normal lives, even watching these movies! Children now have even worse movies to worry about than Disney! We need to stop clinging to these poor children and let them live their lives and make their own choices, to a certain extent. Disney movies are MADE for children. Children should be able to watch them with rebuke from these channel-blocking, over-powering, ever-controlling parents with nothing better to do than mess up a kid to the point where they faint if they even see someone do something as uncouth as smoking!

     I want parents to comment and give your opinion on this! Are you an overprotective parent or do you let your children watch these movies without worry? Do you teach them about Hitler and World War II? Anything goes, so please comment and let me hear from you!




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  • We exposed our sons to nearly everything including Dr. Seuss, Disney, Hitler and smoking! They turned out perfectly fine. Everything and anything can start a conversation where parents can teach values. Young parents today seem to be under the jackboot of nannyism and the progressives. I can't seem to understand the nonsense of it all.

  • Deranged Disney movies usually kill off the mother first and have since the beginning. Loving parents who happen to smoke aren't damaging their kids, but the nanny parents who teach kids that people who smoke are bad perhaps belong in a Disney movie! Hitler would have loved them too. I've seen overly protected kids grow up, face adversity, and not have a clue how to deal with it. Those parents shouldn't be in charge of their kid's Cheerios, and I hope the kids eventually learn about the real world somehow before they're ever in charge of anything!

  • OMG, I certainly hope you are not ANY kind of role model for children. Who elected you GOD? I'll bet you're the same kind of person who wants the Happy Meal toys banned. Many great people smoked. I for one am tired of people like you demonizing people who smoke. It IS still legal, you know. Maybe you'll be burning books next.

  • shocking that someone married these people and had children with them.

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