Christine O'Donnell on O'Reilly Factor: "A Problem of Timing"

Earlier this evening, Christine O'Donnell appeared on Bill O'Reilly's show The O'Reilly Factor. O'Reilly didn't give her any leeway in actually trying to explain herself, with his constant barrage of defensive questioning, but as always happens with the great politicians, like Palin and O'Donnell, they see through his facade and actually make some very good points. Right off the bat, O'Reilly asks her that if she could do one thing different for her ultimately lost Senate campaign, what would it be? She said that the major thing she could have done was tried to win the favor of the "Delaware Republican Machine." Because she overtook Mike Castle as the Republican nominee for Senate. She said that the Delaware Republican machine anoints who they want to run, and sadly, she said they "felt it was not [my] time yet." O'Reilly also commented on the way that the media attacked her campaign. O'Donnell agreed with this, saying that the media "wanted to attack me rather than look at the issues" and she also felt that there was a "double standard because I was female." O'Reilly, oafishly, said that she was branded in the media as an "idiot." I actually felt embarrassed as he said that! O'Reilly is a good commentator most of the time, but in several ways he is just too blunt to his guest who only deserve kindness. He also bashed her because she didn't come on his show during the campaign because his show is one of "the most watched programs" and therefore she would have had more exposure. But, smartly, she retorts that she wanted to stay in Delaware and connect with the voters! That retort was honest and very genuine. O'Reilly may have felt it a personal attack that she never came on his show, but she sure shut him up with that response. Both she and O'Reilly agreed that her campaign was a "problem of timing", but the fact is that her career is not over yet! She said that she "meeting with publishers" for a "book deal." She said that she is for sure not doing a reality show (such as Dancing with the Stars), but she would love to get a gig like Sarah Palin as a commentator. All-in-all despite O'Reilly's abrasive interviewing style, O'Donnell came out looking better than she ever has: a smart politician, a fascinating woman, and someone who we will hear more of in the future for years and years to come!


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