The difference between broke and poor

The difference between broke and poor

I was listening to WGN Radio this morning and the talk radio host Mike McConnell was talking about the difference between broke and poor in terms of the economical situation in America. He described broke as "fallen on hard times, yet you have a game plan for getting out of the mess." Whereas he described poor as "being comfortable staying in that lower economic bracket." I think this says a lot about the state of America in general. If you look across the board in American politics you can see this divide between broke and poor. There really are poor people who are content to stay where they are and soak up the ambiance of being casually strewn in the gutter like a McDonald's wrapper. But there is also the middle class of Americans who have fallen on hard times, as most of the middle class is now. But this faction of broke Americans is always trying to find a way out of this bad situation. These are the middle class Republicans who were screwed over by the Obama agenda. He has ignored the middle class who are broke, yet he seems happily content to lavish praise and money on these millions of poor people who are happy to live on government financial aid and food stamps. That is the key difference between broke and poor in my opinion. Broke people are the hardworking Republicans who fight every day to oppose the Obama spendthrift agenda and poor people are the slack-jawed faction who thought it was their god-given mission to vote for him in the first place. Here is a list of things both past and present that we parallels in the broke/poor categories:

Broke: The Bush Presidency
Poor: The Obama Presidency

Broke: The Iraq War during Bush's Presidency
Poor: The Iraq War during Obama's Presidency

Broke: Bush's rather limited vocabulary
Poor: Clinton's rather limited ability to keep his pant buttons fastened

I joke, yet there are huge truths to be seen in these parallels. So those of you who are broke, do not despair yet. There are still millions of others like you who will find a way to get out of this mess. The poor people on the other hand will always be there, sadly. That is unless they buy a winning lottery ticket along with their slurpees and chewing tobacco down at the 7-11.


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