Obama's word play

Obama's word play
"Could it be that Obama is so egotistical that he
thinks he can remove the Creator from the Declaration of Independence
simply by omission?

This is the third time in just over a month that
the President of the United States has left out the word "Creator" when
referring to the unalienable rights granted to Americans in the
Declaration. The first incident was at an event for the Congressional
Hispanic Caucus Institute. The second was at a fundraiser in New York
City. The third time occurred this week in Maryland, during a speech
before Democratic Senate candidate donors.

Bryan Fischer, director of issue analysis for the
American Family Association, says it is clearly not a mistake. 'We are
way past believing that this could be unintentional or accidental,' he
states. '...The President of the United States is deliberately stripping
our Christian heritage from us right before our very eyes.' " (Source: GOP News- GOP News- Obama omits Creator from Declaration for the third time )

This is not made up. This is true fact of what Obama is doing. Now trust me: I'm not a hardcore Christian like some Republicans are. But the word is in the Declaration of Independence! It is not up to him to change it. Our founding fathers wanted that word in the Declaration of our very rights and freedoms, and they have good reason to want it in there. This country was based on a firm religious foundation and it is NOT up to a President in the 21st century to change what they said. It has worked for years and years and it is not up to some Liberal word editor to change the words in the very document that is responsible for us living in a free nation. I am incensed by this invasion of our rights and freedom as a nation. True, there are some inequities in the Declaration. But it is set in stone and it is NOT up to us to change it in any way. How would Shakespeare like us going into his work and deleting whole paragraphs? How would Benjamin Franklin like us going into his autobiography and changing facts? These works and documents were written with a purpose and it is not up to us or our "President" to change them!


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  • He knows the words--he's stated them before. Why is he so careful now to exclude the most important words? Why speak so frequently about the unalienable or inalienable (depending on which copy you read) rights granted to Americans in the Declaration without invoking the Creator that endowed us with those rights? There can only be one reason--and it rests within the true spirit of this ungodly man.

    Before the government can strip the American people of their rights, the government must get them to believe that those rights came from that same government--and thereby the government has authority to take them away. Before you can get the people to believe that the government gave us those rights you've got to get them to forget where those rights really came from. You're witnessing the words of Michelle Obama come alive...

    ...You're witnessing the first step in changing our conversations--our traditions--our history.

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