Christine O'Donnell: Only a witch to the Democrats

Christine O'Donnell: Only a witch to the Democrats

On Wednesday, Christine O'Donnell squared off against Chris Coons in a debate for the Delaware Senate seat that was once held by ramblin' Joe Biden. Liberals were all watching and waiting to sink their teeth into this Republican candidate who dared to oppose the Obama/Pelosi agenda. They all predicted her to fail, but onviously she wasn't going down without a fight.

The day after the debate, the press weighed in:

The Positive-

"Well, Ms. O'Donnell definitely did not turn into a pumpkin, if you'll
allow a little mixing of metaphors. She was poised, articulate, and
rattled off her talking points like a pro. In that sense, she surpassed
expectations." The Christian Science Monitor (

"But O'Donnell quickly moved beyond early shows of nervousness to make
her points persistently and confidently. At several points, Coons
accused O'Donnell of distorting the facts and drowning out the
conversation with her "diatribes." ABC News (

"All things considered, Delaware GOP senate candidate Christine
O'Donnell did well during last night's debate with Democrat Chris Coons.
The stakes were high (why was CNN nationally broadcasting a debate for a
race that isn't terribly close, anyway?), and she largely held
her own." -- Matt Lewis, Politics

"Tonight we saw one of the upsides to nominating O'Donnell: the forceful
and articulate presentation to Delaware voters of the conservative case
on foreign, domestic and economic issues." -- Power

"In tone, it was a debate where O'Donnell occasionally appeared
flustered but mostly held her own, sincerely and passionately arguing
for her positions." -- Katrina Trinko, National

The Atlantic ( gave a glorious two paragraph review of her performance:

"In this debate tonight, O'Donnell has not seemed
uncomfortable for one second** -- even in her most obvious dodge, about
whether she really thinks evolution is a "myth." The difference is, she
is a talk show regular. Among the many things wrong with talking-head
gab shows, which have proliferated/ metastasized in the past generation --
they're cheap to produce, they fill air time, they make journalists
into celebrities, they suit the increasing political niche-ization of
cable networks -- is that they reward an affect of breezy confidence on
all topics and penalize admissions of complexity, of ignorance on a
specific topic, or of the need for time to think.

O'Donnell comes across as a perfect, unflappable product of the
talk-show culture. Sarah Palin knows that she is bad under open
questioning -- so she avoids it, speaks only to selected audiences, is
interviewed only by Fox. If she were to run for president, which I've
always doubted, this would make her brittle for the unavoidable main
campaign. Christine O'Donnell shows that the other path can create a
better, unshakably on-message product for this era."

The Negative

"O'Donnell, pressured to make up a 19-point gap in the polls, was on the
attack from the start - slamming Coons on everything from raising taxes
in the county he runs to his personal wealth. She even tried to accuse
him of being a closet Marxist, warning that it "should send chills up
the spine of every Delaware voter." CBS News (

A big contention point was the fact that she couldn't name a Supreme Court case in which she diagrees. Politico ( said: "When moderator Nancy Karibjanian of Delaware First
Media said that she could not give her an example because the point of
the question was for O'Donnell to name a case, O'Donnell apologized and
acknowledged she could not name a case."


All-in-all, in my opinion, I thought she did a fabulous job. Her wit and acerbic humor really made opponent Coons seem very stuffy, almost like a Joe Biden-clone. Every issue she came up with wonderful points and often rebutted things 100% better than coons. She is behind in the polls now, but I think after this major public victory, in spite of the few blemishes, she will go on to win the Delaware election! She is my, and our, candidate and I will give her my full and unbending support on this blog, and hope you will feel the same way!

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