A message from Newt Gingrich

I received this in my email inbox today:

"Dear Fellow Conservative, 

After nearly two years of Barack Obama's presidency, it's clear to me that the American people have become deeply disillusioned with leftist business-as-usual masking itself as 'change you can believe in.'

In this year's congressional midterm elections the voters have a chance to throw the brakes on the big-spending, big-government policies that the President and his Democratic Congress have pursued with such disastrous results for our nation. I think the voters will turn the Democrats out this year, as I sense much of the same frustration today as when we won the House in 1994 after forty years of uninterrupted Democratic rule there. 

But of course to win a majority we must defeat at least 39 sitting Democratic members of the House! 

There are some wonderful challenger candidates running for Congress this year, men and women who are deeply committed to bring about real change by restoring fundamental constitutional balance to the relationship between government and the people."

I love the simpleness and the straightforwardness of this message. It is a sort of "call-to-arms" for us staunch Republicans. Newt understands that there are major inequities in our political representation and it truly is time to dump the majority of Democrats in the House who are too set in their ways and all to eager to slobber all over whatever Obama nugget he chooses to spew out today. We Republicans need to have more of a voice in these things. We are becoming not only a minority in the House but an oppressed minority. There are hundreds of politicians now who are running for a seat who have no business running, and most of them are elitist, Obama pushing Liberals whose only purpose in life is to further his brain-dead agenda. We Republicans have a chance to stop this Democrat majority-pull and once again have a large booming baritone voice in the HOR. But only you, as the voters, can enact this change. We finally have a say in our government and we all must find our voices and scream with fevered glee "We are finally able to be heard!"

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