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Brimfield Antique & Collectables Show - Serving Up Success Under The VIP Tent

Brimfield Antique & Collectables Show - Serving Up Success Under The VIP Tent
Under the rolling hills and cloud-covered skies in Brimfield, Massachusetts, vendors from all over the globe gathered a week in advance to prepare for the largest outdoor antique exhibit in the world—the Brimfield Antique & Collectables Show. More than 6,000 dealers stretched along one mile of dusty road prepared to peddle everything from vintage clothing... Read more »

Guilty Pleasures - The Luxury of a Performance Shower

Guilty Pleasures - The Luxury of a Performance Shower
Commercial interior designers for major hotel chains around the world have seduced the buying public for years by offering the finest in 21st century-style luxury bathrooms. Among other things, these soothing sanctuaries feature showers that not only nourish and clean our skin, but also boast the superior ability to relax our muscles and miraculously heal... Read more »

LIGHTOLOGY - The Science of Your Home Lighting Selections

Upon entering the magnificent 20,000-square-foot showroom of Lightology in Chicago, the magical illumination of thousands of lighting displays transports one into a transcendental state of electrical bliss. For an interior designer, taking a client to any lighting showroom – let alone one this size – can be a daunting task. We need to be well... Read more »

Modern Traditions - Putting a Contemporary Spin on Yesterday's Time-Honored Furniture Pieces

Interior design is like fashion: it has all been done before! Clothing collections fall in and out of vogue, season after season, but they all eventually come back around – only the fabrics and details change. It’s the same with furniture: a desk is a desk! The only things that change are the wood species,... Read more »

Is Your Interior Design Style too "Home Depot Chic?"

These thermofoil style cabinet doors are no match for the insane wall color and horrible window casing. The cabinet hardware is too small and the counterop is too bold.
It is not surprising that when the American retailer of home improvement and construction products and services opened over 2000 stores across the United States since 1979, it single handedly changed the way we viewed our interiors and the world. Thirty years later after replacing everything brass with its cousin, chrome, have we gone too... Read more »