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What to Charge for Interior Design - Know What You and Your Services Are Worth

What to Charge for Interior Design - Know What You and Your Services Are Worth
Individuals and companies across the globe eagerly spend large sums of money for interior designers who are worth their weight in gold. These private and corporate consumers know that well-conceived, inspiring, out-of-the-box design solutions add value and panache to their residences and boost their bottom line. If you are an interior designer, this news should... Read more »

DESIGN - A WHOLE NEW WORLD Aesthetics Are the Inside Secret to Reaching Your Target Market

The professional title of designer is a very expansive category. Not only are there residential and commercial interior designers, there are multitudes of other talented and trained specialists participating in the world of design. There are architectural designers, urban designers, landscape designers, furniture designers, lighting designers, sound designers, graphic designers, web designers and automotive designers…... Read more »

Is Your Interior Design Style too "Home Depot Chic?"

These thermofoil style cabinet doors are no match for the insane wall color and horrible window casing. The cabinet hardware is too small and the counterop is too bold.
It is not surprising that when the American retailer of home improvement and construction products and services opened over 2000 stores across the United States since 1979, it single handedly changed the way we viewed our interiors and the world. Thirty years later after replacing everything brass with its cousin, chrome, have we gone too... Read more »