RePurpose With Color - Behind The Scenes with an HGTV Star

RePurpose With Color - Behind The Scenes with an HGTV Star

In a warehouse not so distant from the manicured sidewalks of the downtown premium furniture retailers, where price-tags shock and lead times can make us shudder - there is a place where one expert re-cycles, re-uses and re-invents with one sole purpose - to re-purpose! Cari Cucksey of HGTV's hit show, Cash & Cari takes Shane Inman of Fashion + Decor behind the scenes of her Michigan based shop - RePurpose Shop to show us how she has created an empire out of turning old into sold by simply using color.

Inside, it is truly visible that Cari is a committed collector - strategic vignettes of vintage items and antique furniture are arranged, staged and displayed with an unexpected twist of organization that one rarely sees in this type of bargain-hunting setting. Tattered treasures everywhere are pulled back to life with just the right Benjamin Moore color combinations of paint in order to revive original character that is guaranteed to stimulate just about any interior. A "look-at-me" ottoman brushed with a tropical turquoise lacquer screams contemporary living room, a latter-back chair dipped in a satin startling orange awaits the perfect home office while a stunning table sprayed in matte black ink demands placement in that ultimate bachelor pad are all just a sample of what you will see inside Cari’s laboratory of fanatical finds.

Re-purposing with color just makes sense these days - to our wallets as well as our planet, so it is no big surprise that decorators and designers everywhere, just like Cari are beginning to thread together the past with the present. The most beautiful spaces are the ones that have the ability to motivate and inspire while connecting with us not only aesthetically, but historically!
Just in case you can't make it to RePurpose Shop anytime soon - you can shop online at ( or watch Cari stay updated through Repurpose’s Facebook page at (
About Cari Cucksey – Cari shows the world how to re-create life with style, fashion and flair without breaking the bank – One woman’s mission to re-claim, re-create, and re-fashion everything.

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