J. Toor: Oh, So Couture! - Perfecting the Custom-Tailored Suit for the Modern Gentleman

J. Toor: Oh, So Couture! - Perfecting the Custom-Tailored Suit for the Modern Gentleman

Hand-stitching, pick-stitching, piping, welting, embroidering and monogramming are not the usual list of topics that come up when one purchases a suit off the-rack at the local mega department store. However, these are the customary, yet very vital topics broached when choosing a personalized and completely custom-tailored suit from J. Toor – the newly invented bespoke suit brand that is discreetly poised for success here in our very own Chicago.

The super-engaged, highly-skilled, twenty-something entrepreneurs of J. Toor are gradually becoming recognized as top talents in the fashion industry. Without the need for any fashion degrees, these vogue partners credit their superior collaboration to the fact that they have known one another since college. Jivesh Toor – owner and designer, Diana McCarty – director of business development, and Jamie Pate – designer and clothier, are not just interested in talking about J. Toor’s strategic business plan, but would rather communicate their conviction towards suiting the modern gentleman. J. Toor’s definition of a modern gentleman is one who is receptive to discovering his own personal style and isn’t afraid of classic fashion with contemporary twists of individuality. “One who takes the world of business seriously and values his positive outward appearance” says McCarty.

A key success factor at J. Toor is uncompromising professionalism and customer service, not only in measuring the client’s physique but in managing the client’s expectations. They provide every client the rare opportunity for a systematic approach to purchasing a suit: preliminary consultations at his office to accommodate time constraints, combined fashion guidance and education pertaining to his own personal frame and style, constructing a suit based on his needs, a digital rendering to view his garment, and initial fittings – as well as the now almost unheard-of secondary fittings to ensure satisfaction and comfort. “What sets us apart from the rest is the immense design factor that we include in our services. There is simply no other clothier that offers such an in-depth level of design customization at our prices,” states Toor.

J. Toor’s additional wisdom lies in their expansive knowledge of the world of luxurious fabrics used in all of their designs – Italian wools, wool-silk blends, wool cashmere blends, cottons and shiny satin wools are sure to get the wearer noticed, hired and paid as one who has clearly graduated from style school. The company’s knowledgeable sales consultants are also adept at proposing linings and accent fabrics for lapel and pocket detailing in patterns that echo those found on the catwalks of Milan. The resulting suit, with its exquisite stitching and sewing techniques will make you the envy of every other man. “The interior construction of any garment should be as impeccable as the outside,” says Pate.

Already having landed a fashion show in conjunction with the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) – the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered civil rights organization in the United States – may have already placed J. Toor in the record books, but they remain humble, quietly making their mark on the fashion scene of Chicago and beyond.

You can view J. Toor’s professional website at (www.jtoor.com), “like” J. Toor on their Facebook fan page at (http://www.facebook.com/j.toorchicago), or “follow” J. Toor on Twitter at (@j-toor).


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