Heavy Metal - One Man's Dream Is Taking Him All The Way to the Top!

Heavy Metal - One Man's Dream Is Taking Him All The Way to the Top!

You know the story—follow your dreams and anything is possible. Cliché? Maybe. Although not for Riggs Barr.

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Riggs moved to Chicago 24 years ago, became buried in a suite as an advertising executive, and took welding classes as his form of therapy. Flash forward to present day and you will discover a much different man in entirely different attire—but with the same dream. Now an artist working in the medium of metal (raw steel), Riggs has been the proprietor of his own business since 2006—Riggo Designs—where he creates one-of-a-kind pieces that dazzle and impress the interiors of residential and commercial spaces everywhere.

“If you can draw it, I can make it!” exclaims Riggs.

Working extremely hard at what he does best, Riggs has managed to forgo the traditional marketing he pushed as a top executive 15 years ago; instead he relies on word of mouth as his only form of marketing, which is a more common source for start-ups everywhere. Riggs is positive proof that clients are defecting to professionals who are motivated by passion rather than those solely seeking monetary gain. Now commanding prices that match his vision, Riggs has traveled a long way, charging upwards of $3,000 for a custom piece today (his first pieces of art sold for a mere $500).

Sometimes dreams come at the heavy price of demanding hours and extreme work and don’t show dollar signs for years, but if you are like Riggs and believe in yourself and your talent and know that what you dream of doing is exactly why you were put on this earth—you can make it too.

Riggs’s dreams don’t include fame, fortune, or even adulation. He only wants to be an outstanding husband to his wife and a mentor to their sons, Cooper (age 4) and Rowdy (age 1½)—while doing what he was born to do.

Where Riggs is concerned, there is no foot dragging to slow him down. Along with a slew of accomplishment across the professional board, his latest is an appearance on HGTV’s top-rated program Meg’s Great Rooms, where he was commissioned to create one of his masterpieces to be the center of a remodeled room.

You can find Riggs at his private studio located in the Ukrainian Village of Chicago. You can view his complete portfolio on the Riggo Design website (www.riggodesign.com) or “like” Riggs’s Facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/riggodesign.


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