The Promise of Plush - Translating Your Individual Style into Your Living Space

The Promise of Plush - Translating Your Individual Style into Your Living Space

The Inman Company takes great pride in supporting others in the design arena – so when Tonisha Ramona of Plush Interior Design ( in New Jersey contacted us to profile her and her company, we jumped at the chance to find out more about this tenacious young business woman.

At a very early age, Tonisha was brought into the inner sanctum of the New York fashion industry by her father, a hatmaker. There, she was exposed to the colors, fabrics, textures and trims that she says began to fuel her passion for interiors – and over time, with no formal training, Tonisha turned what was once a hobby into a full-time occupation. Today, she is sought after for her unique and creative craft, which she describes as “reading” people from their personal dress, mannerisms and demeanor, allowing her to stylize their individual spaces to reflect the things they already love. She is your very own “interior stylist”!

Tonisha draws inspiration directly from her clients. She insists that they be involved in the design process, in order to help her understand what shapes their aesthetic sensibilities. Sourcing and shopping for all the project materials, implementing designs, and troubleshooting are all tasks  meticulously shared by her and the client to maximize the overall end result – an awe-inspiring and “plush” interior. Further evidence of Tonisha’s dedication to her talent of blending fashion with design is her incorporation of a famous quote from the iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel into her corporate identity: “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

Where will you find Tonisha in ten years? “I would love to see myself as a household name in the interior design and interior fashion business – a celebrity interior designer, to be exact!” exclaims Tonisha. She is well on her way to that goal. Word gets around when someone is very good at what they do, and Tonisha’s roster of clients continues to grow – already including one well-known reality TV star.

So if the rooms of your house, city loft or downtown apartment aren’t really what you would consider to be “You,” it may be time to seek out a professional interior stylist like Tonisha, who will be able to translate your personal style directly into striking fabrics, fine furniture and luxurious wall coverings and transform your spaces from plain to plush!

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