Brilliantly Brizo - The Key to Success: Don't Stop Believing in the Power Of Dreams

Brilliantly Brizo - The Key to Success: Don't Stop Believing in the Power Of Dreams

The worlds of interior design and fashion design collided when the fashion-forward plumbing company Brizo – a premium brand that produces distinctively designed and inventive faucets – entered into the realm of the highly competitive fashion industry by sponsoring now-famous fashion designer Jason Wu in 2006. “We’ve always been inspired by the power of dreams” is Brizo’s highly prized company slogan, which focuses on believing in others, giving back, and truly listening to the end-users of the company’s products. Brizo is enjoying cloud piercing sales – proof that the people behind it are on to something with this positive approach to doing business.

Believing in Jason Wu was just one of the many cues and clues that show how Brizo understands the meaning of dreams and saw them in an aspiring fashion designer. Soon afterward, Wu was chosen to design the inaugural ball gown for the most important woman in the world, First Lady Michelle Obama. Brizo took the very unconventional business route of aligning itself with the big-spending fashion-conscious, which inevitably spills over into the big business of interior design. It was as an ingenious idea that captured the attention of many, including competitors in the plumbing industry. The remarkable collaboration of Jason Wu with Brizo has resulted in the company’s exclusive Jason Wu line of plumbing fixtures and accessories ( And perhaps even more significantly, it has allowed Brizo to preach its eccentric motto – that contrary to conventional wisdom, life is fair, and you get out of it exactly what you put into it.

One impressive testament to the way Brizo is giving back is its commitment to St. Jude Children’s Hospital (, supporting the hospital’s goal of curing all childhood cancer. It doesn’t take a Forbes fact-checker to confirm that believing in others, whether in sickness or in health, strengthens one’s own employee task force, brings together whole communities, and reinforces customer loyalty – something that Brizo understands inherently, not just as buzz words.

Brizo has been listening carefully to not only its customers, but other important – and not always heard – voices in the world, and thus continues to carry its promise of business integrity to unselfish lengths. Those of us who insist on being inside the same innovative, pioneering and life-affirming circle salute you, Brizo - Bravo!


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