VANISHING POINT - Decreasing the Distance Between Dreams and Reality

Cutting-edge professional interior designers with audacious goals and tenacity are being sought by consumers everywhere who are looking for out-of-the-box creations and envelope-pushing intentions to make their own spaces (professionally or commercially) scream originality.

As a professional interior designer, I am called upon by all types of people to design all types of interiors, and I take great pride in hand-selecting a roster of clients who value what I have to offer and how I offer it. A consummate professional understands the metrics of success – building and managing client relationships with personal openness and business transparency while putting in the time and effort required to earn trust and confidence.

What happens, however, if the designer does his (or her) part to help you give shape and form to your vision, but – because you are among the ranks of the movers and shakers of the corporate world – your take-charge professional style prohibits you from releasing the necessary control and responsibility to realize it? What happens when dreams for your family’s increased well-being through a new, high-quality living environment start to vanish because you lack the ability to follow through? You will have two choices:

Fire the talent. If making major change with a professional at the helm scares you to death, then swiftly remove those in charge in lieu of micromanaging and sabotaging the project. Then prepare to join the ranks of the countless others who take the “band-aid” approach; wasting hard-earned money on quick, but unsafe and unsound decisions such as painting over water damage, turning a blind eye to black mold, decorating what will never be aesthetically pleasing, and living in shabby surroundings.

Start small. Decrease the distance between dreams and reality by sitting back and allowing yourself to relish the fact that your every wish and command is being taken seriously by your interior designer, who will quickly turn your skepticism into action. Move slowly until you get comfortable with the idea of professional firepower getting things done reliably. Focus on small victories – both your own and those of the interior designer – allowing yourself to gradually let go and relinquish more responsibility as you see fit. You will be delighted when your end result is described as magical, sophisticated and ethereal and while it accentuates return-on-investment and resale value.

Don’t let your dreams of having everything you want within a space vanish before your eyes because you are reluctant to remove that name tag that identifies you as the “boss.” There are many seriously dedicated and driven interior designers with extraordinary multi-tasking and organizational skills who will be easily detected by your entrepreneurial eye. Find the right one, hire him (or her), make them part of your support team, promote them and educate them about your dreams, so that you can each focus on what you do best. Now that’s a win-win situation.

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