CLIENT ADVOCACY: THE MEASURE OF A GREAT INTERIOR DESIGNER - Good Old-Fashioned (Action-Driven) Customer Service is a Key Asset

In today's knowledge-based new construction and home
remodeling market, many consumers are willing to pay top dollar for those interior
designers who shine like diamonds in the rough. That is, those who provide the most
treasured, yet unfortunately increasingly rare, asset: expert customer service.
On the other hand, designers who conduct business with imperious attitudes,
smoke-and-mirrors consulting, and bait-and-switch techniques are personae-non-gratae
to consumers demanding high yield in exchange for high dollar and sans high

All over the world, skilled, principled interior designers are
offering up action-driven customer service for a whole roster of discriminating
private clients, treating each as if they were the only one. This method of
advocating for clients is creating a much-needed expansion to traditional customer
service - or lack thereof - and has eager audiences of clients expressing their
appreciation both verbally and financially. 

Totally vested and slightly obsessed, action-driven design
professionals are tireless and endlessly proactive, guaranteeing a sense of
urgency that homeowners and business owners can rely on. These powerhouses work
overtime, on weekends and holidays; they follow up and follow through in order to
avoid mistakes and accomplish deadlines set forth by the collaborative team of
contractor, engineer and architect. They frown upon and hold accountable those
designers who - after they receive the deposit check - fail to return phone
calls, lack commitment, and mistreat clients by attempting to take advantage of
them. Nursing lead times and delivery dates while hawk-eyeing sneaky additional
charges, over-inflated restocking fees, and shameless back charges. An honest,
conscientious designer aims at never accruing additional fees if they can be
avoided and working out any mishaps to the client's advantage!

These bionic interior designers granting the highest level
of action-based customer service are experts in multitasking, time management, advising,
educating, supervising, teaching, leading and communicating - all while mediating
possible arising issues between the supplier, manufacturer, dealer and
sometimes builder/general contractor. In the big business of commercial and
residential interior design, where contractual obligations are signed, currency
is exchanged, and egos get bruised easier than most, putting the emphasis on
client advocacy brings great rewards - not just monetarily, but in the form of  repeat business, and most of all - the golden

Customer service used to be de rigueur and free with
purchase, but times have changed. Today, unfortunately, it is the exception rather
than the rule. And it's not just the rich who are willing to pay good money for
those who do what they say they will do and maintain integrity in the often
unscrupulous world of commerce. They have learned that it's well worth the
investment to seek out such advanced counsel from a professional, licensed
interior designer who will act as a true client advocate. The payoff is that
this individual can be the vehicle that transports their next project from good
to gold. On the other hand, accepting shaky ground and sneaky plays simply in
the interest of lower fees is a disaster waiting to happen.


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