RETRO REVIVAL - The '50s (and a bit beyond) Are The New Fabulous!

A new trend in current interior design styles is bringing
back "retro" to dwellings everywhere. This iconic style - nostalgic, straightforward
and individualistic - is winding its way back from the fringes of time.
Remember the avocado and gold paint colors from the kitchen of the popular '50s-themed
TV series Happy Days? The dark wood
paneling and comfortably worn upholstered wooden furniture in the living room of
Archie Bunker on All in the Family? They're
back, along with originals and reproductions of mid-century designer furniture classics
for those who want to up the ante a bit, style- (and cost-) wise.

Furniture pieces and color schemes from this era are showing
up in resource libraries of professional designers everywhere lately. It seems
that our current overstuffed, over-stylized and overpriced furniture is being
enthusiastically replaced by one of the simplest of all design styles - retro.

The recycling of venerable wood-grain furniture pieces in
our society could be considered the new version of "green," since these retro pieces
were made from durable, quality materials that have stood the test of time and have
been handed down from generation to generation. This is definitely easier on
today's environment, because buying used eliminates the need for the dangerous
chemicals needed to produce some new furniture.

Whether you prefer the elegance of Mies van der Rohe or the
bold designs of Charles Eames, you will not have any problem finding a brand-new
reproduction or restored original these days - depending on the authenticity of
your design style. Aficionados from coast-to coast have been fervently buying
and selling these on the open market for decades. You can witness die-hard, design-savvy
bargain-seekers vying for their latest finds on the most infamous mega online
superstore - eBay, which boasts over 8,000 pieces alone. One of my favorite
sites to visit,, which takes pride in being the leader in the
industry for retro furniture, carries over 3500 items in both the new and
previously owned categories.

My professional advice to the design savvy public is that now is the time to snap up those online
treasures or scour resale shops and Goodwill centers everywhere to pick up your
new/old furniture pieces at bargain-basement prices - because "It's vintage, darling!"

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