QUALITY, GOING ONCE... Your Home's Expertly Crafted Details Are Number One!

Time and time again, the authorities in the international
design realm, such as Architectural
lead consumers on a journey through the ethereal interiors of masterful
architecture that is intertwined with timeless and cutting-edge interior
design. These statement-making rooms of course include the requisite expertly
coordinated fabrics, wall coverings, furnishings and accessories, but we must
not forget the proven marathon winner of every inspiring interior - quality!

Strip down any magnificently decorated environment and what
remains, in a quality home, are the enveloping time-honored construction
details that display exceptional skill:  stacked
crown moldings, coffered ceilings, parquet flooring, velvety walls and custom-designed
cabinetry - all shining like the Hope Diamond! Should your home's interior feel
like anything less when in its naked state, the reaction of potential home
buyers sometime in the future could be that there is probably equal carelessness
inside the home's vital mechanicals.

The detailed quality of a space transcends elaborate color
palates and personal art or furniture collections to reveal the true authenticity
of the entire structure's substance - something that is appreciated and coveted
by those seeking quality, not quantity. Consumers who are well educated enough
to know the psychology of the difference between these two values will reap the
benefits later in resale value and return-on-investment. They are also the ones
who demand quality in the strength and stability of the financial institution to
which they entrust their money for wealth building.

Should you be contemplating a remodel or drawing close to a
new construction, consider hiring a collaborative team of an architect and interior
designer who can implement the necessary quality within the bones of the
structure. With this kind of backdrop, you'll never have to use interior
furnishings to camouflage the flaws of uncalculated design decisions. And take
note: Even the most expensive, imported and/or exotic furnishings will loose
their astonishing luster when displayed in front of a marred wall with a poorly
executed paint job. 

Pay heed as well to those leading the green movement in preservation
and recycling - these forward-thinkers advocate constructing only the best,
highest-quality living environments in a revolution to abolish inferior, cost-cutting
construction that is damaging not only to our earth but also to our health.
Everyone knows that what is done wrong the first time will eventually have to
be redone correctly - and that equals waste!

If you think about it, quality is sought out by humans everywhere.
We travel thousands of miles from all corners of the globe with dreams of witnessing
it and marveling at it first hand, from the most complex structures - the oldest
of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Giza, to the
simplest of assembly - the frame supporting the canvas of the Mona Lisa. Why
should we settle for anything less in our homes?

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