DESIGN - A WHOLE NEW WORLD Aesthetics Are the Inside Secret to Reaching Your Target Market

The professional title of designer is a very expansive category.
Not only are there residential and commercial interior designers, there are
multitudes of other talented and trained specialists participating in the world
of design. There are architectural designers, urban designers, landscape
designers, furniture designers, lighting designers, sound designers, graphic
designers, web designers and automotive designers... the list goes on and on.

Whether or not you are aware of it, every detail of our
daily lives has been designed to be aesthetically appealing to consumers. Homes,
restaurants, cars, furniture, clothes, toys and every franchise you have every
stepped foot into has been meticulously imagined, drafted, prototyped,
developed, produced, tested and perfected. Anthropometrics, ergonomics,
demographics, censuses, tallies and polls have all been carefully considered
and carried out in order to introduce just the right products into our
structured communities of commerce. All of these calculations and measurements,
combined with just the right amount of allure and sophistication, are aimed at enticing
us to buy these attractively crafted goods and services.  

Within the last thirty years, the profession of interior
design has expanded by an estimated 70% percent, with a trajectory predicting
another 60% rise over the next century. Colleges and universities everywhere
have begun to include the schools of planning, design and construction into their
educational curricula. Accreditations, affiliations, degrees and licenses for
professions related to these fields have increased in record numbers, as more
and more businesses are profiting from the element of design as a way to hone
in on their target market and one-up their competition.

In 2006, the do-it-yourself empire Home Depot invested
billions of dollars in retrofitting their existing fleet of 2,100 warehouses to
becoming more "female friendly." McDonald's, the most iconic fast-food restaurant
on the planet, just unleashed its 2.4-billion dollar plans for a "new design
direction" to retrofit all the exterior facades of their stores. And let us not
forget the (young) granddaddy of them all: the multinational public corporation
Google, who from their inception in 1998 understood that with their fresh new
technology, they needed fresh new minds. To appeal to these people - and to
encourage a "friendly and youthful work environment" - primary colors, slides,
swings and beanbag chairs became standard furniture in the company's national
and international offices.

Since the invention of the computer and the World Wide Web,
every company has the ability to enter the world of global commerce. So when
you are planning to bring your product or service to the masses, you may want
to take advantage of the myriad trained design professionals who can offer up
good design that will help you attract more business. These professionals are trained
in aesthetics and have the skill sets needed to assist in designing, developing
and marketing a business office, storefront or building that will stand out
from the competition.

So, when you are ready to launch your next venture, consult
all the business professionals needed before you open the doors. Then, hire
design professionals to keep the doors open! As Ray Kroc, the American
businessman who took over the small-scale McDonald's Corporation franchise in
1954 and built it into the most successful fast-food operation in the world
once said, "You're only as good as the people you hire."

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  • Great advice for any business. If you are not meeting the needs of your customers, they will go elsewhere. Thanks for the insight Shane. Always love reading your work.

  • In reply to cstalsonburg:

    Why thank you so very much. Love hearing that.

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