Short Doesn't Mean A Thing

Short Doesn't Mean A Thing
Ross Dettman/Chicago Wolves

Many voices in sports say if you are short in height, you don’t have a shot to make any kind of professional team. They were always saying people fewer than six feet don’t deserve any kind of chance because their height isn’t intimidating. On the contrary the Chicago Wolves have a few players who make that statement false.

You have Michael Davies (5’9”), Mike Duco (5’10”), Jordan Schroeder (5’9”), and Darren Haydar (5’10”) who all fit the bill as being “midgets on the ice”. Now let’s look at their stats this year and see where the contradiction comes into play.

Michael Davies

Games: 49

Goals: 11

Assists: 12

Points: 23

Mike Duco

Games: 56

Goals: 11

Assists: 13

Points: 24

Jordan Schroeder

Games: 72

Goals: 20

Assists: 23

Points: 43

Darren Haydar

Games: 67

Goals: 20

Assists: 34

Points: 54

Now there are some things that obviously the stats don’t show. Michael Davies was getting very little time earlier in the year due to the Vancouver prospects getting more ice time. With injuries arising, Davies was slotted into the lineup. He hasn’t been scratched as much in previous months and is making his playing time well worth it.

Mike Duco has been called up twice to the Vancouver Canucks this year and is that energy spark that any team would love to have. Duco has also lowered his penalty minutes from last year and even though he has been hurt in recent weeks is a huge positive for the Wolves lineup. As Billy Gardner has said he has “filthy hands” and is a positive for being in the lineup despite his height discrepancies.

Jordan Schroeder has already passed his marks of last year for goals, assists, points and shots on goal while playing for the Manitoba Moose. In this month in only 3 games he has 1 goal, and 2 assists which are good for 3 points. He is averaging about 4 goals a month and continues to shoot the puck when he can.

Then you have Darren Haydar who has been picked on for being the “short guy”. Talking with Darren in the past he always got the same line that his height was something that would hurt him to play in the next level. But he continues to prove the doubters wrong with his stats year after year. He is already a plus minus 9 which is 2 better than last year. He has played in the NHL for the Nashville Predators, Atlanta Thrashers and Colorado Avalanche. Even though all 3 times were short stints, it’s the point that being short in the NHL doesn’t really matter.

With these four players on the Wolves they may be short in height but they continue to contribute anyway possible to make themselves better as well as the team. Height can be a different factor such as a pitcher in baseball being 5’9” but in hockey it doesn’t really matter. Hockey is all about the hard work and desire and the “little guys” on the team continue to prove a lot of people wrong.

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