Sh*t Wolves "Fans" Say

Sh*t Wolves "Fans" Say
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So the popular thing these days is putting out videos and blogs on “sh*t people say”. It has gone from hipsters, skiers, vegans and even surfers.

Well let’s enter the Chicago Wolves area for a second and find out what they say. Some other hockey fans quotes are included but the majority are related to the Wolves. With the help from my good friends at and a few of my favorites, I give you the list of “sh*t Wolves fans say”.

If you heard any that I haven't included, please comment and I'll add them to the list.

"When's the second halftime?"

"The only time the Wolves sell out is when they play the Admirals."

"The reason why the Hawks owner doesn't own the Wolves is because he already owns the Hawks and the White Sox."

"Fight! Fight!" (after a hit)

"How can these people cheer for the Wolves now that they're with Vancouver?"

“Bring back John Anderson.”

“Eddie Lack is my boyfriend.”

“I love when Haydar smiles at me.”

“Isn’t Steve Maltais on the team?”

“Can’t Wendell Young play goalie?”

“I miss the Rosemont Horizon.”

“I can player better in NHL 12.”

“We need a fighter, let’s find Kip Brennan.”

“We are in 1st place in the IHL”

“Doesn’t Dave Andrews visit every game?”

“I love the shootout”

“The Wolves only have been around for a few seasons, I think they are new.”

"We'll get them in the fourth quarter"

“Is Skates like the Easter Bunny?”

“I’m going to meet Mike Duco after the game since he’s my 2nd cousin.”

“The boys love my scrapbooks.”

"If you are a Wolves fans you can't be a Blackhawks fan"

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