Groupon and the AHL

Groupon and the AHL

With Groupon being the biggest discount site to date, there have been some great hockey deals on tickets for fans of the AHL. Recently, the Chicago Wolves did a Groupon deal and were offering 2 tickets for the price of 1. Not a bad price at all, but the kicker is the description of what the Chicago Wolves games bring to the table.

As the top affiliate of the Vancouver Canucks, four-time league champions the Chicago Wolves storm into Allstate Arena, seeking a return to the Calder Cup playoffs. In his first year as the Wolves' head coach, Craig MacTavish leads the talented pack of puck pushers, who have glided to an impressive 26–17 record through 47 games so far this season.

Goalie Matt Climie stifles opposing rushes by spinning his signature web of cotton candy around the net while points machine Mark Mancari dazzles crowds with supersonic shots and precise passes. As fans keep up with the fast-paced glacial action, lupine mascot Skates prowls the arena to hand out high-fives, sign autographs, and lecture crowd members on the hazardous properties of silver.

I didn’t know Matt Climie was a vendor as well as a goalie and Mark Mancari is channeling his X-Men superhuman powers?

The most surprising one is that Skates now gives lectures on how silver is threatening to our lives. Hopefully I can get a private meeting with him to learn about these threats and what to do to avoid this nasty piece of metal.

If the Wolves start coming out on skis to maneuver around huge glaciers, we have problems.

Now onto the Milwaukee Admirals who also have jumped into Groupon. Below is there description of what their team offers:

Hockey teams are often named after intimidating natural phenomena, such as the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Colorado Avalanche, and the Tuscaloosa Puberty. Experience the fury with today's GrouponLive deal to see a Milwaukee Admirals game at the Bradley Center

The AHL affiliates of the Nashville Predators, the Milwaukee Admirals look to return to the Calder Cup playoffs for the 10th consecutive year under the leadership of new head coach Ian Herbers. Center Chris Mueller leads the team's scoring, racking up 22 goals after 45 games, and goalie Jeremy Smith's 0.910 save percentage after 37 games irks opposing scorers and earns the gratitude of easily bruised nets. Divisional rivals the Peoria Rivermen will bring their A-game to the ice, continuing the battle for Midwest division dominance, and the Hamilton Bulldogs and Houston Aeros will give the Admirals a taste of potential Western Conference playoff matchups. The Bradley Center provides the perfect space to witness athletic feats atop the ice, boasting more than 17,500 seats to hold cheering fans and a roof large enough to accommodate their hanging pet bats.

The Tuscaloosa Puberty?

Doing a quick check there is no team that currently exits in any of the major leagues in North America and I don’t think they would use the name from overseas.

But what would the jerseys look like if there was a team? A bunch of hair as the main jersey logo?

And when did the Bradley Center become a habitat for bats? There has be to be some kind of health code violation happening.

Glad to see some of the AHL teams are looking for others ways to bring in money and if they have to house bats and host ski tournaments, more power to them.

If you’ve seen a Groupon advertisement related to hockey post it here and I'm sure it will have some kind of "selling" points that are so very true.


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