Haydar is Turning the Page

Haydar is Turning the Page

When you hear about players that are not cut out for the NHL, you hear about their attitude and how they have no work ethic. But with Darren Haydar it’s very different.

With 9 years in professional hockey Haydar has only seen 23 games in the NHL and you might be scratching your head as what's the problem. He has proven year after year again that he can put up points, but has never been called upon by a NHL team due to reasons unknown.  Back with the Chicago Wolves and on his last year of his contract, Haydar looks for nothing but a fresh start all around.

“I got this question a lot over the last few months and I’m just turning the page on last season. On paper last year's team was looking at a deep run into the playoffs , but we never worked as one unit and the negative results showed."

Even though the team suffered in the win loss column Haydar put up again numbers that are NHL caliber type. With the new players coming in and few returning to the team, he can see the team already “gelling”.

“I know we haven’t played any games yet but every practice guys are always talking and I think we are already a step ahead of last year. We have the makings of a great team and I know it will translate to the ice.”

With the practices over the last few weeks Craig MacTavish is really pushing the pace of them and wants nothing but 110% effort from every player.

“With Craig he wants to make the locker room a family atmosphere,” Haydar said. “I think he is very comparable to John Anderson but Craig has his own ways of teachings and so far it’s translating to positives all around.”

Even though Haydar is on a contract where a NHL team could sign him away from the Wolves, he’s happy in Chicago and loves playing for the team and the city.

Whatever the case may be from NHL scouts that don’t see what Haydar has or doesn’t have, I think the fans and the coaching staff will be happy with another 70 point season from number 20.

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