Welcome Aboard Craig MacTavish

Craig MacTavish

With more and more news sources picking up the story, that the Instigator broke a week ago regarding the Wolves new head coach, it looks all but done that Craig MacTavish will become the 8th coach in team history. MacTavish leaves his spot with TSN to take on a "new" season of sorts for everybody involved.

There weren’t many conversations to the public from the Wolves or the Canucks management,regarding this situation and they were working behind the scenes to find the perfect fit. It seems that Craig MacTavish is that person to lead the prospects of the Canucks in the AHL this year and hopefully to another Championship.

MacTavish is no stranger to the coaching spot leading Edmonton from 2000 to 2009, and making it to the Stanley Cup finals once with really average teams under his wing. During the latter half of  9 year tenure the team struggled but with that length in the orgazination, has to say something about his coaching skill. He finished with 301 wins which was 36th in Edmonton franchise history and .528 winning percentage.

A former player as well MacTavish played 19 years in the NHL winning 3 Stanley Cups with Edmonton and 1 with the New York Rangers. He was known for his gritty style and wasn’t afraid to drop the gloves with anybody and was one of those players that was in your face during every shift. During his last year in the league (1996-1997) he was the last player in the NHL to not wear a helmet during games as the new rules of the equipment were being introduced.

As a coach and a player MacTavish was the type to let you know when you are doing something wrong and wasn't afraid to speak his mind. Coming to the Wolves many fans know former coach John Anderson had the same qualities, so this should be a something the fans should get excited about.

So coming to the Wolves MacTavish, is looking for a fresh start in the coaching business after being absent from that area for 2 years. Being the 8th coach in team history he brings a great background of coaching experience, and knows what it takes to get to the next level of hockey which should rub off nicely to the young players just getting their start in professional hockey.

The announcement from the respective teams could come as early as this week and MacTavish will be a fresh face come October, and should be a great addition to the franchise with the many accolades already listed.

With so many additions to the team this year with Vancouver helping out the team left and right trying to solidify their minor league team to work toward a Calder Cup, it really is refreshing to see. In past year the Wolves had to really sign their own players to play with the team, but now with the Canucks it’s a complete 180 and more and more fans and reporters are seeing the Canucks be a great asset towards building another great team.

Welcome aboard Craig MacTavish, I’m sure their won’t be any shortage of media quotes this upcoming season and hopefully the wins are plentiful.

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