Future Wolves Roster Members?

After a busy day in the NHL with many free agents signing with different teams, it seems that the Vancouver Canucks are already helping out the Wolves for the upcoming season. Jason Shaver has been in contact with Wendell Young who is in Vancouver helping Mike Gillis and Co. pick out free agents not only for the Canucks but for the Wolves for the upcoming season.

Andrew Ebbett

The Canucks signed Andrew Ebbett to a one year deal worth 525K after playing for the Phoenix Coyotes. If Chicago fans recognize the name, he did play for the Hawks for 10 games during the 09-10 season. Last year he split time with San Antonio and Phoenix and had a pretty decent year on the left side. I’m sure he will get a chance to make the team come Training Camp but if he doesn’t he will fill one of the veteran spots on the Wolves.

Mark Mancari

Another player signed by the Canucks today was Mark Mancari who last year played for the Portland Pirates. Last year he scored 36 goals and 32 points to gain 64 points in his 56 games with the team. Early word has it he is a tough winger who has the knack for scoring as well as dropping the gloves. With Raffi Torres signing in Phoenix Mancari could make the Canucks squad, but if he doesn’t he will be a welcomed addition to the Wolves.

Nolan Baumgartner

Nolan Baumgartner also signed a one year 2 way deal with the Canucks. Last year Baumgartner was the captain of the Moose and went on to have a pretty successful season in the AHL. He will probably one of the first people to get called up to a injury or trade but he will also help the defense for the Wolves that suffered considerably last season. He is a stay at home defensive and is quick to move the puck to his forwards which will please the new head coach. He doesn't suffer much with turnovers and has a knack for pinching the blue line when necessary. He will be a great assert to either the Canucks or Wolves.

With so many unknowns so far with who exactly will make the Canucks out of training camp the best thing the Wolves will do is take the wait and see approach. The two players above are “bubble” players as I like to call them because if they don’t have a great camp or not something that will fit into the Canucks current roster will make a great impact in the AHL.

You can really look forward to a better product on the ice this year at the Allstate Arena and with these two signings they will make the Wolves new roster a far much better one than last year.

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