Wolves and Canucks Official


With much news coming from around the hockey news feed this
afternoon regarding the Chicago Wolves, I can confirm through multiple sources
the team is linking up with the Vancouver Canucks for 2011-2012 season.

The team has scheduled a press conference on Monday at 10AM
regarding their affiliation and a possible coaching announcement could happen
as well.

Regarding the coaching subject it seems that Don Lever is
exiting that position after year and a half. He took over for Don Granato who was
fired after a dismal start. Below are Lever's coaching stats with the Wolves.

                             G             W            L          OTL           %

2009-10                74
          48           19           7             0.696    

2010-11                80
          39           30           11           0.556

According to Hockey Inside Out, the site posted that Dany
Dube from CKAC (Montreal Radio) said Kurt Muller accepted a job with the Wolves
to become their head coach.

Nothing has been confirmed about the head coaching job by either the Wolves or the Canucks but I'm sure after the announcement things will quickly follow.

There has been a lot of discussion on whether the Wolves
would indeed team up with a Chicago nemesis and indeed it has happened. Now before
fans of the Wolves and Blackhawks along with the Canucks start marking days on the calendar
to fight, don't be quick to judge the pairing.

The Wolves have a great location and are close to two major
airports that are easily accessible for players to move from the Canucks to the
Wolves and vice-versa. I have said in my past blogs the Wolves are a business
first and with Don Levin and Co. leading the charge they are looking for the
best fit as well as solidifying their AHL reputation.

With the Thrashers and the Wolves, they were on a
hand shake agreement and I'm sure if Atlanta didn't get moved the Wolves would
still be with a new affiliate this year. I think it really came down to Atlanta
management not sure on what to do with their prospects and development.

Now before people run away with this information one thing I
can confirm again the Wolves are the new minor league affiliate for the Canucks
and that is probably the big announcement happening on Monday.

I will be at the presser and will be doing video as well
as hoping to get interviews with General Manager Wendell Young.

This is a great fit for both parties involved and throwing
out all fan feelings the Wolves will be a great team this upcoming year and
hope to put the last few average years in the rear view mirror.

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