Kevin Cheveldayoff To Winnipeg?


Ross Dettman/Chicago Wolves

With the recent firing of former General Manager of the Atlanta Thrashers Rick Dudley, it looks all but certain that Kevin Cheveldayoff will take the reins of that title for the new Winnipeg team.

According to TSN the Winnipeg team owners were asked for permission to talk to him and the Blackhawks granted that request. Today the Winnipeg Free Press has confirmed that the team has offered the job to him.

When you hear the name Kevin Cheveldayoff you mostly associate him with the Chicago Wolves. With his success that included 4 Championships in the IHL and AHL and numerous division titles this job offering comes at no surprise. After leaving the Wolves in 2009 to join the Chicago Blackhawks, that year the team won the Stanley Cup.

To say success doesn't follow him is an understatement, but when he was brought into the Wolves along with John Anderson in 1997, many didn't know what would have eventually developed.

Over the years with the Wolves he proved that along with the team being run as an NHL team so were his pickups, trades, and releases to players. In the IHL it was a lot easier to do that because there was no parent club to deal with and he could wheel and deal when he thought it was necessary. With the AHL it was a lot more difficult to bring in players to secure that championship type talent.

When the Wolves joined the AHL, making moves would be a little more precise and the parent club had some words on what trades could be made. But with Chevy (as everybody called him) he still managed to put together 2 more championships due to his pickups and finding players that teams wouldn't take a chance on and those players put the teams over the hump.
With the news this week that he could be announced as the General Manager, it couldn't be given to a better man. Chevy was the type to not wait long for the talent to develop, and when he saw that the team wasn't given a 100 percent effort he would make changes to make sure that was happening game in and game out.

When Chevy was offered the Blackhawks job back in 2009 Don Levin immediately came out and said he was happy for him and wished him all the success. Chevy also gave thanks to the team that gave him his first start in hockey management.

"Reaching the National Hockey League has always been a dream of mine and I'm proud to be able to do it as a member of the Chicago Blackhawks, an organization that has made major strides over the past two years. I will always be grateful for my time working with the Chicago Wolves, and would especially like to thank Don Levin and Buddy Meyers."

"The memories and friendships that I have gained over the last 12 years will stay near to my heart always.  The Wolves have been more than just a hockey team that I have worked for; they have been like my family. I know that the tradition and the commitment to excellence that begins at the top will continue to guide this organization as it moves forward. I am excited about the opportunity to move from one successful organization to another"

So with the new team and ownership, they are seeing what the problem is with the current organization executives, and making changes for the better.

Those 4 championships hanging in the Allstate Arena are not only a testament to the owners of the team but to Kevin Cheveldayoff who worked many hours behind the scenes trying to make sure those teams would make a push towards a Championship.

If he does indeed accept the job, he will be a great fit for the inaugural season of the new team. He has a keens sense on what players will blossom not only on his NHL team but will be future stars in the years to come. He has earned this opportunity with the Winnipeg franchise and the team that helped him start that opportunity, the Chicago Wolves.


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  • He was a good GM with the Chicago Wolves.

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    I agree he had a great 12 years with the team.

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