Could it be the Canucks?


With no news coming this week about the Chicago Wolves and their affiliate other teams in the AHL slowly began to team up with NHL affiliates for the upcoming season. The Winnipeg team made it official that the new St. John team will be the affiliate to them this fall ruling out any chance of them selecting the Wolves.
What that means, is that all the players that played for the Wolves this year that were under Atlanta Thrasher's contracts will be playing in St. John this season. Many of the players called Chicago home for a few years and now they will make the switch to the North East tip of Canada.

Wendell Young stated last week in a Chicago Tribune interview that an announcement would have taken place this past week. With nothing said about a new affiliate and who the Wolves would team up with makes me think that the Vancouver Canucks are that team.  It would make sense for the Canucks to announce their affiliate after the Stanley Cup finals to avoid any distractions and concentrate on that ultimate goal. 

Before people jump all of the Canucks and their NHL team, let's look at what their affiliate the Manitoba Moose have done over the years.

Playoff appearances since 2004-2005: 7
Calder Cup Finals appearances since 2004-2005: 1
3rd or higher in Standings since 2004-2005: 6
League Leader in points: 107pts (08-09)

Another interesting quote was from David Andrews who had to say this about the Manitoba Moose on their 10th anniversary in the league.

"The organization was also popular with the players, as the Moose "had the reputation of being run like an NHL club."

That has a familiar ring to it as the Wolves are also looked as a NHL quality run team and are just in the AHL. With that being said if the affiliate is indeed the Vancouver Canucks, they would fit nicely into how the team is treated.

Many die hard Wolves fans are complaining about the Canucks and that is most likely due to those fans also being Chicago Blackhawks fans. The hate you have for Canucks is fine but hate for the Canucks prospects is idiotic.

Sure the Canucks are a thorn of the side of the Hawks franchise and this year is even more painful watching them being one win away from the Stanley Cup. I can go on and on with the Canucks and the disdain of a few players on the team but in the end it doesn't relate to the prospects.

If the Vancouver Canucks and the Chicago Wolves team up, it would be a great opportunity for all parties involved, and that includes another Calder Cup Championship run. Over the past few years the Canucks have done an incredible job of drafting and picking up prospects.
I'm sure the hate for the Canucks franchise would diminish when the Wolves go for another Calder Cup and capture their 3rd Championship. With Don Levin still in charge of the team, he does what's best for his business, and what the fans want to see and that is winning. Many have doubted the moves of upper management in the past and those moves were positives and helped the franchise grow.

If there is a game 7, it will take place on Wednesday and I'm sure either Thursday or Friday news will break about the new affiliate. However if the Canucks win tomorrow and capture the Stanley Cup something could be released as early as Wednesday. This is all pure speculation but I'm sure we won't have to wait long to hear about the 2nd NHL team for the Wolves since their inception into the AHL.


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