The Atlanta Situation


The Jets returning?

According to numerous reports today the Phoenix Coyotes and the city of Glendale are trying to have the team stay in Arizona and not move to Winnipeg like heavily rumored only a few weeks ago. With the time table of about a week to ten days to a possible conclusion there is a possibility the Thrashers could be the team on the move.

With the current owners of the team continue to struggle to pitch the team to the people of Atlanta it could be a fit for Winnipeg to take on the team and build a strong fan base. The city of Winnipeg hasn't had a team since ironically the owners moved their team to Arizona. There have been rally's held, emails sent, and the Truth North group would be interested in purchasing the team. This would affect the Chicago Wolves in a few ways.

With the Wolves being Atlanta's affiliate since its inception to the AHL it all depend if Atlanta wants to the Wolves back at their affiliate. If the Wolves do resign with the Thrashers this could be an interesting development. The question is does Don Levin and Co. want to reconnect with a team that has possible ownership problems?

Over the last year it seemed to be that the powers of Atlanta wanted to control the Wolves like the other AHL teams and not let the Wolves pursue that chance of winning their 3rd Calder Cup Championships. It was an obvious struggle of "power" and not making the playoffs could have been one of those main problems.

It is well known that the team from top to bottom wants to win no matter the case and with Atlanta getting a new General Manager it looked like he wanted to possess the power that Atlanta never had in previous years. It was quite noticeable on the ice, as the Atlanta organization for example didn't know what to do with Drew MacIntrye and strung him along until a trade took place before the deadline.

It's tough being an AHL affiliate because teams want to develop players and the Wolves are known for winning. The IHL was different because there were no affiliations, and if the owners had money they could sign the best talent that was available. Being in the AHL has his advantages but trying to develop a championship team year after year is difficult and tough to piece together. With Atlanta it seems they want that power shifted.

The ownership issues and the power struggle are two most notable issues right now and I'm sure Atlanta and the Wolves are talking day to day trying to figure out the best situation for both clubs. But if Atlanta is bought by True North and moved to Winnipeg the Wolves could be looking for a new affiliate. Or, the Wolves can become an independent team where the Wolves could sign anyone that is available if Atlanta refuses to re-up with the team.

A lot of questions to be answered over the next few months, and with the Wolves not making the playoffs this year it will seem like more than just a few months to see what happens with the Atlanta and Chicago situation.Whatever happens I'm sure Don Levin will do what's best for the team known for winning it all no matter the cost.

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