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The Chicago Wolves Invade WWE Raw

Being a hockey player is probably one of the toughest occupations in all of sports With 82 games plus possible playoffs, it can take a toll on you mentally and physically. So seeing players out of their realm may be a little odd for some, but they are normal people just like anybody else. With... Read more »

The AHL and Instant Replay

Yes the AHL is the development league of the NHL and many young players are trying to reach that ultimate goal. But with so many times this season not only during Chicago Wolves games but across the league goals are being disallowed and vice versa. It’s time for the league to take an initiative and... Read more »

The Dissection of the Chicago Wolves Signings

Wendell Young has had over a year now to fit into the General Manager role and he made some big signings this year to see if the Chicago Wolves can capture their 5th League Championship. Some have said that he has had done some great moves while others have said some have worked out others... Read more »

The Wolves Playoff Push

Ross Dettman/Chicago Wolves With the Chicago Wolves being only 1 point out of a playoff spot with a possible crossover to the other division. Many have asked what the crossover situation entails and below is the explanation. The West Division will have eight teams and the North will only have seven this coming season.  What... Read more »