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NHL Trade Deadline

The NHL Trade Deadline is at 2PM central time. Many teams will looking to make moves and build their team up for the future or make their team a strong playoff contender. Below will be any moves that Atlanta makes that directly effects the Chicago Wolves. I will continue to update this blog up to... Read more »

The Trade Deadline and the Chicago Wolves

With the NHL deadline coming at 2PM today there have been a lot of discussions on what Atlanta will do (if anything) regarding another trade. So far the Chicago Wolves have been affected by the last two trades that Atlanta has made. Nigel Dawes was traded to Montreal (with Brent Sopel) for Ben Maxwell and... Read more »

The Chicago Wolves Look-A-Like Game

The Chicago Wolves have a lot of players on their roster that look like celebrities or other famous names in the world. I’ve picked a few players that can give these famous people a run for their money. Drew MacIntyre and Steve Buscemi “Crazy Eyes” Fredrik Pettersson and Mark-Paul Gosselaar “Zack Morris” Jason Krog and... Read more »

General Manager Wendell Young Interview

General Manager of the Chicago Wolves Wendell Young was nice enough to speak with me regarding the current season of the team, if there is anything he can do to improve the team, and how playing time is chosen. Below is the interview with Wendell and it gives you a sneak peak on what a... Read more »

The Announcing Crew Through The Years

Ross Dettman/Chicago Wolves Since the conception of the Chicago Wolves the team has produced the games through radio and television. Currently the team has all 80 games of the regular season and playoffs on current broadcast channels. No other team in the league has gone this far in terms of getting the team the broadcast... Read more »