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Are Sports and Energy Drinks Appropriate for Children?

Sports and energy drinks are being marketed to children for a wide variety of inappropriate uses according to the Committee of Nutrition and the Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness. According to a recent survey of 78 adolescents, 56% used sports drinks and 42% consumed energy drinks over a two week period.  Promote water, not sports or... Read more »

Top Celebrity Children's Health Activists

Celebrity Actvists     From childhood obesity to kid hunger, it’s become common practice for celebrities to leverage their superstar status in favor of the charities and issues dear to their hearts.  It signals a new movement for the media to play a bigger role in promoting issues that need national and global support.  Check... Read more »

Filling Up on Empty Calories Causes Childhood Obesity

Whole milk is the dairy milk which has undergone only basic processing. Thus, it is more or less in its natural form. As a result it is rich in natural fat.  Skim milk is a dairy milk, which has all of its fat removed, by processing.  Both of them are nutritionally the same.  Whole milk tastes a lot better, but skim milk provides less fat and calories for those who need to manage their weight.
A recent study led by the U.S. National Cancer Institute concluded that almost 40% of childhood calorie consumption came from solid fat and foods with added sugars.  The main culprits were soda, fruit drinks, dairy desserts, grain desserts, pizza and whole milk.     Our first lady, Michelle Obama, has taken a leadership role in the... Read more »