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Olive Oil is Good for Your Heart

It has been established that the inhabitants of Crete manifest the lowest mortality indices with respect to cardiovascular diseases and cancer.  For Cretans, the secret to longevity and good health is very simple. They eat anything that their rich soil produces and consume a lot of olive oil.  In a recent study published in the... Read more »

Are Superfruits Really Heroes?

There is an old saying that apples may keep the doctor away, but the latest buzz claims that açai berries may keep the cancer at bay. Thanks to that health claim, among others such as improving heart health and slowing the aging process, exotic fruits like açai, goji berries, and pomegranates exploded in popularity last... Read more »

Going Old School with the Caveman Diet

In a quest to achieve optimal weight, many people are taking it back to the old school as the original hip hop lyricists used to say. The latest diet craze recommends taking cues from the Paleolithic Age of hunters and gathers and cutting out some modern food groups. According to the Paleo Diet, aka the... Read more »

Who is Responsible for the Obesity Crisis, Government or Individuals?

In yesterday’s Chicago Tribune article titled “Should the growing weight of nation be put in government’s hands?”, Monica Eng asked readers to consider whether government or the individual is to blame for the current obesity crisis.  Since over two thirds of US adults are overweight and American tax payers spend more than $147 billion annually... Read more »

Pros and Cons of Low-Carb Diets

The Atkins diet books have sold more than 45 million copies over 40 years, which makes it one of the most popular diets in history. Reasons for the interest in the low-carb diet fad include a plethora of best selling books, over-sensationalism in the media, and support from fitness and health clubs. Although low-carbohydrate diets... Read more »

How to Lose Weight Safely

Many people are desperately seeking a quick solution to remedy their expanding waistline. Don’t be fooled by the claims of fat burning pills, diet shakes and body garments that play on people’s emotions to find the elusive secret to weight loss. The secret is there is no secret formula to safe weight loss. One must... Read more »

8 Steps to Overcoming Exercise Obstacles

The incorporation of exercise as a lifestyle behavior is not easy for many individuals. Barriers to exercise may include lack of enjoyment, low motivation, negative experiences, reduced access to facilities, high costs, low social and cultural support, and time constraints. By following the 8 steps mentioned below, you can increase exercise activity levels and learn... Read more »

Are Sports and Energy Drinks Appropriate for Children?

Sports and energy drinks are being marketed to children for a wide variety of inappropriate uses according to the Committee of Nutrition and the Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness. According to a recent survey of 78 adolescents, 56% used sports drinks and 42% consumed energy drinks over a two week period.  Promote water, not sports or... Read more »


ABOUT In America, health care access continues to be a rising problem. What were once concerns about disease prevention and health care quality are now debates about government-run programs.  With the health of an entire nation in jeopardy, a team of public health advocates traveled to Havana, Cuba to find solutions. In 45 Minutes To... Read more »

Kanye West Video Associated With Seizures

Kanye West Video Associated With Seizures
YouTube UK — According to experts in the UK, Kanye West new video “All Of The Lights” may cause seizures in people with a history of photosensitive epilepsy. Directed by legendary rap videographer Hype Williams, the video begins with the camera following a young girl walking home after school. One minute into the video a barrage of colors... Read more »