Who is Responsible for the Obesity Crisis, Government or Individuals?

In yesterday's Chicago Tribune article titled "Should the growing weight of nation be put in government's hands?", Monica Eng asked readers to consider whether government or the individual is to blame for the current obesity crisis.  Since over two thirds of US adults are overweight and American tax payers spend more than $147 billion annually on obesity related illness, someone must answer the call to  stabilize this trend and develop interventions that ultimately reverse increasing obesity rates.  With so many factors affecting obesity such as food security, school lunch programs, fitness friendly cities and junk food marketing, I recommend that America adopts a collaborative approach to tackling this issue.  It will take a combination of government, individuals, health professionals, academics, scientists and the food industry to truly address the obesity crisis. That's my two cents, but I want to hear from my passionate blog readers about this topic.  Who do you think is the blame for the obesity crisis?  If you are daring, feel free to tell us how America should solve this problem.

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