Kanye West Video Associated With Seizures

Kanye West Video Associated With Seizures

UK -- According to experts in the UK, Kanye West new video "All Of The Lights" may cause seizures in people with a history of photosensitive epilepsy.

Directed by legendary rap videographer Hype Williams, the video begins with the camera following a young girl walking home after school. One minute into the video a barrage of colors are ignited in the background, each flash occurs within milliseconds. Two minutes into the video Kanye appears standing on top of a police car with flickering white lights in the forefront and background. Rihanna starts to sing the hook but doesn't physically appear until 2 minutes and 36 sec into the video. In the meantime,  her lyrics are projected across the screen in various bright colors. The lyrics shoot off the screen with 3D imagery and a strobe like projection. The video continues in the fashion until Rihanna and Kid Cudi finally appear with non-stimulating white lights. In total there are over 4 minutes of hyper-stimulating evoked visual potentials.

The Epilepsy Action charity based in London has requested that this video be completely removed from all video sources given its potential danger. Youtube has responded by advising viewers of the potential health risk of triggering seizures by posting a disclaimer at the beginning of the video.


Epilepsy Action spokeswoman, Aimee Gee, said: "We are deeply concerned that this video may be harmful to some people with photosensitive epilepsy. We are doing all we can to warn people who may be affected not to watch it ... we feel it is unfortunately very likely that people may have already been affected."

link: Kanye West Video May Trigger Epileptic Seizures, Experts Say - FoxNews.com


Epilepsy is a neurological condition that is characterized by recurrent seizures. It affects 1% of the population and approximately 2.5 million people in the United States. Epilepsy occurs because of  abnormal electrical wiring and activity in the brain. They can be triggered even if you don't have risk factors but a list of conditions that cause epilepsy can be found by clicking this link : Causes of Epilepsy.

Seizures and epilepsy can be a life-threatening situation and should be taken seriously. The most important action you can take if you have seizures is to seek medical attention immediately. The comprehensive management of education, stress relief, medical treatment, and identifying possible causes is the best bet for coping and living a fruitful life. Finding a team of specialists can manage the emotional, spiritual and physical effects of dealing with this disease.


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  • I have Epilepsy and after watching his video I did have a grand mal seizure. I was very upset at that video and wrote the director and record label.

  • In reply to Lashondaa:

    @LaShonda. I'm sorry to hear that the video caused a seizure. I wish we could have gotten a glimpse of the video and it's potential dangers before it caused any harm. I see where youtube and kanyewest.com still have the video with a disclaimer and I found the video on other video websites with no warnings. With over 2 million views a day and 1% of the population with a history of seizures I believe more needs to be done as a follow up to your letter. What was their response to you? I think this issue is worth pushing forward to prevent more seizures and potential harm. Feel free to contact me directly at mwata@thedysonreport.com. As a pysician I understand the discomfort that this caused you. Let's put an action plan forward! I few ideas to control this one.

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