WLS 94.7 Heartless and Insensitive

47e8b294-0d29-4e55-b5d1-af3192d64ab3The Dave and Kim morning radio show from Chicago station WLS 94.7 FM cracked some incredibly distasteful wisecracks during today’s morning rush hour(6:45am).
These ‘jokes’ couldn’t have come at a worst time, with yesterday’s horrific plane crash that killed 9 National Guard Members (who had been working on hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico)and the recent explosion aboard Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 in which a 43 year old wife and mother of two lost her life from blunt trauma to her head, the time to mourn and respect the lives lost should be a priority.
Highly insensitive WLS co-host Kim Berk joked about not sitting in a plane’s 14th row and about getting sucked out an airplane window, while heartless WLS co-host Dave Fogel snickered about his future airplane plans.
Fogel seems pretty hypocritical since he was hypersensitive on the airwaves when making a big deal about his prostrate cancer scare and with two kids himself, shouldn’t he be more sensitive to a young family that shockingly lost their matriarch?
Maybe WLS and Dave and Kim want to be Mancow or Howard Stern, good luck with that, wouldn’t one rather rather listen to a station that’s sympathetic to tragedies? With Trump chiseling his own face into Mount Rushmore, one would think that there is enough to mock instead of going after dead National Guard Members and a loving mother of two.
After all of Dave and Kim’s poor comedic choices, they actually played a song about airplanes (Big Old Jet Airliner by the Steve Miller Band) which was a bitter ending to a regrettable segment on how to be cold-blooded.
WLS 94.7 is off my presets because those dearly departed deserve better and Chicagoland’s ears do also.

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